Michael Zaiser

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I have always been interested in fitness and can stick to a routine; like not drinking pop or snacking on candy or chips. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and that all things are possible through faith in Christ. Someone once told me "I disagree, for I know I am not destined to be President". I counter, you may not be "destined" but you do have a brain, and a fully functioning body and if put in that role i'm sure you'd do fine; remember we all work in teams and you're not going at this alone.

Why you joined:

I have always wanted to do this bike ride and heard about it from someone at a nice little get together; a fellow there promised he'd notify interested persons...that fell through although I happened upon a notice in the Alderwood Community Church bulletin that mentioned the ride and so here I am!

Bike skill level: Advanced
Bicycling Interests: Recreational road riding, Mountain biking, Family biking
Bike Model and Model:

Fuji SST 2.0

Bike Make and Model 2:

GT Zaskar Expert 9R