Suggested Preparation

Suggested preparation

If you are not yet in condition to ride 25 miles or more at a 12-14 mph or faster or aren't comfortable riding in a group, try some of the leisurely or steady-paced rides listed in Cascade's Free Group Rides calendar before starting the Cascade Training Series.

The Getting Ready to Ride (GR2R) series, found on the Free Group Rides calendar, is designed specifically to get new riders ready for summer cycling season. The series will help you transition from a weekend rider out for a spin on the local bike path to a cyclist who can, by the end of the series, ride 30 miles on the roads with ease. GR2R will be offered at 2 different paces; leisurely (10-12mph on flat) and steady (12-14mph on flat). The routes are between 20 and 25 miles with gradual increase in total accumulative elevation gain. The rides are both on trails and regular, biker-friendly roads. The rides start in February and run for 8 weeks. GR2R has start locations in Seattle, Eastside and south and north ends of Lake Washington.  For details in the ride go to the Cascade Free Group Rides calendar.

There are many rides listed on the Free Group Rides calendar and we encourage you to ride your bike weekly in preparation for CTS. 


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