Rides & Outreach Director

Wheels: Merlin Titanium and Felt B12 TT bike

Commute: 2 miles from Bryant, either along the trail or over 70th

Favorite ride: My “go to” ride is along Lake Washington Blvd. If I could bike anywhere everyday it would be on the Queen K on the Big Island, Hawaii. There are so many great rides places to ride in the PNW but one that comes to mind is the ride to Sunrise, Mt Rainier

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Stacey worked as a teacher, early childhood director and in Early Childhood Road Safety at Macquarie University, Sydney. She and her husband moved to Seattle in 1999 with a 5-7 year time line before moving back to Sydney. That plan changed when not long after arriving they found they were able to have a great active lifestyle here in Seattle and don’t see a move back to Australia anytime soon.

Stacey starting riding seriously after completing her first Danskin triathlon in 2003 and realized that she would need to do a lot more riding for the “grueling” 13 mile bike segment.  Since then she had completed running, cycling and triathlon events. 

She has completed a number of STP’s and been on many of the Regional Club tours and is excited to be working for such a great organization.