Ride from Seattle to Vancouver & Party (RSVP)

Friday, Aug. 17- Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018

Update June 29: Cascade Bicycle Club’s Ride from Seattle to Vancouver, BC and Party (RSVP) is starting a new tradition this year. This 175+ mile route of scenic back roads is already one of the best the Northwest has to offer. And this year, we’re making it even better — by joining 5,000 people celebrating all things bicycling at David Lam Park Yaletown Vancouver, BC. on August 19th, 2017.

We're pleased to partner with the inaugural Our Cityride Vancouver, a mass participation event and festival garnering major support from local and international partners alike to promote cycling for all. The alignment with Cascade Bicycle Club’s mission of improving lives through bicycling is clear. We are excited for our 2,500 RSVP riders to join Our Cityride Vancouver in a massive celebration of bikes and access to open streets at David Lam Park Yaletown Vancouver, BC. on August 19th, 2017. Whether you ride 180 miles or 20 kilometers, we are all just people who love to ride bikes!

RSVP riders need to complete the 80 miles to Vancouver by 5 p.m. in order to join in the extra 11 miles (20km). If you have family or friends meeting you at the finish they can join you on their bikes without the extra 180 miles!

As we celebrate the 36th edition of the RSVP, we look forward to a lasting partnership with Our Cityride organizers and the celebration of two of North America’s great bicycling cities. Learn more about Our Cityride.

Get your account up to date!
To save time at the border please be sure your account is up to date and matches your passport. We have four dedicated lanes this year to get you through the border as quickly as possible. However, if you use a nickname, a fake birth date, or incorrect address you will not be pre-screened for passage and may need to go inside for further questioning.

Please fill out your Cascade account accurately and completely.  To edit your account follow these instructions:

  • Sign into your cascade.org online account.
  • Click My Account (if your Dashboard is not displaying).
  • Click the Account tab.
  • Click the Manage Household tab.
  • Click the “Edit link” to the right of the contact.
  • Make sure to click the red Save Contact box at the bottom of the page.

Bike Serial Numbers
If we are carrying your bike back to UW after the event you must fill out the make, model, and serial number section. The reason we load bikes the night before the buses is due to the constantly increasing delay of bringing hundreds of bikes across the border without their owners. Accurate information ensures less time getting your cargo across the border and fewer delays for our trucks.

To edit or review your bike make, model, and serial number information follow these instructions:

  • Sign into your cascade.org online account.
  • Click My Account (if your Dashboard is not displaying).
  • From the Dashboard tab, click the “View link” to the right of your RSVP registration.
  • Click the “Edit link” to the right of your RSVP return transportation line item.
  • Update the information and click the red Save Changes box.

Know before you go!
Certain misdemeanor charges in the US are considered felony offenses in Canada and can restrict your access into the country. The most common of these is DUI/DWI charges. Please be sure you can cross the border before you go, for more information please visit the CBSA website for more FAQs.

What else has changed this year?  

  • Showers are confirmed.  They will be available at Roundhouse Community Centre at David Lam Park. There will be a $5 charge (USD, cash only) to use the facilities and the last shower will be allowed at 5:45 p.m.  You must bring your own towel and toiletries. 
  • There will be a bike corral so that you can enjoy the festival without any worries, but it will close in the evening and no bikes will be stored overnight.  We suggest that riders confirm with their hotel that they will be bringing a bike either to their room or will require secure storage.  Do not leave bikes locked to car racks overnight.  
  • Riders will choose from a variety of food trucks instead of a catered meal
  • The beer garden will not open until 4 p.m. due to Vancouver, BC Parks & Rec. permitting restrictions

  • The party will continue well into the evening with live music, a children's play area, and a full expo area. If your friends and family are meeting you at the finish we will have plenty to keep them busy while they wait.  More announcements on what that includes later.  

What is the same?

  • Bikes will be loaded at the finish line on Saturday 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Buses will load the next day (Sunday) at the finish line location
  • The community, camaraderie, and enjoyment had by all!

This 175+ mile route of scenic back roads is one of the best the Northwest has to offer. Start at the north end of the University of Washington's E-18 parking lot and finish in downtown Vancouver, BC over two days. 


  • A classic pedal on some of the most beautiful roads and trails western Washington has to offer  
  • Views of the Cascade mountain range, Salish Sea, and beautiful Skagit Valley Farmland
  • Crossing an international border on your bike in a dedicated lane!  Wave to the parked cars as you cruise by!
  • A unique ride through British Columbia connecting their many greenways, bike lanes and award winning bike infrastructure into downtown Vancouver, BC

Who does your registration fee support?

Did you know RSVP is a fundraiser? Your registration fee helps Cascade Bicycle Club provide bicycle education programs for children, families, school groups and everyone else who wants to ride a bike. It also helps us advocate for safer, more connected bicycle infrastructure throughout the state and region. And thanks to you, we’re able to offer fun and challenging riding events and free group rides every day of the year! Your participation truly helps improve lives through bicycling.

Our events are made possible with support from the local communities through which we ride. In addition to supporting Cascade’s programs, your registration fee helps Cascade give back to these communities and the organizations that thrive there. We’re grateful for all their continued support.

RSVP 2017 - Friday Start


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