Bike Shipping and Rental- RSVP

Pedal Anywhere

Bikes delivered by bike to your door! Pedal Anywhere offers road bike rentals (both drop and straight bar) at approx. $134 plus tax. This includes a 3-day rental, out of state waiver, and theft insurance. Your bike will be delivered to the start and you can ship your bike back to UW using Bike Only ($40) service if you are not returning to Seattle after the ride. 

For answers to any questions or more information check out their website. Request a reservation here.

Montlake Bicycle Shop

Montlake is a long time partner of RSVP and conveniently located close to the UW start line, they can offer both rental bikes and shipping/building services. If you are looking to ship your bike and have it built for you Montlake is the spot! For return service (getting your bike back to Montlake) you will need to purchase "Bike Only Transportation" or "Bus and Bike" with your registration.  

Outdoors For All

If you or someone you know would like to participate in our rides, but need an adaptive bike or tricycle, Outdoors for All offers trikes, bikes and handcycles that allow people of any ability to ride a bike! Here is a link to their website or contact for more info.

Ship your bike with

Need to get your bike to Seattle for RSVP? Use to ship your bike and gear there and back and save time, money and hassle instead of flying with your bike. offers convenient, reliable and affordable shipping. With’s Best Way Guarantee, you are guaranteed that your bike will arrive on schedule, and you get great customer support from fellow cyclists. Find rates and set up your shipping now. Check out their custom RSVP page here.