Rides committee

Rides committee

The Rides committee is comprised of volunteer Ride Leaders and the Rides program staff. Interested in joining the committee? Contact us!

Rides committee meetings are 5:00-7:00 p.m. the last Monday of the month (except May - 4th Monday, Aug - 5th Tuesday, and Dec - 3rd Monday). Meetings are open to anyone. Contact the rides committee chair if you have a particular item that your would like to be placed on the meeting agenda. The meetings are at the Cascade Bicycling Center (conference room), 7787 62nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Rides committee members

Chair                                         Don Volta                  [email protected]
Rides Director/Secretary          Stacey Williams         [email protected] (206-939-4324)
Rides Coordinator                    Charlie Hockett          [email protected] (206) 939-4304)
Board Liaisons                         Alexa Volwiler            [email protected]
                                                 Sandi Navarro            [email protected]

Members at Large                    Shaun Ivory
                                                 Robert Onishi
                                                 Jeff Powers
                                                 Clarice Sackett
                                                 Machiko Threlkeld
                                                 Patty Urton
                                                 Rick Urton
                                                 Jane Volta
                                                 John Weller
                                                 Jake Wright

Working Groups

  • Cascade Training Series (CTS)      Stacey Williams, Machiko Threlkeld, Sandi Navarro, Jeff Powers
  • RL Recruitment/Retention                
  • Marketing                                             
  • OTS Rides                                        Alexa Volwiler
  • Quality                                              Stacey Williams
  • Rides Library                                        
  • Safety                                                Clarice Sackett

Business Processes

  • Ride Leader Certification                   Jane Volta, [email protected]
  • Certification Class Instructors            John Weller
                                                               Patty Urton &  Rick Urton - South End
  • RL Mentors                                         Machiko Threlkeld
  • RL Awards                                          Clarice Sackett
  • RL Incentives                                                                                        

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Rides committee chair

For information about becoming a ride leader, please email the Ride Leader Certification Coordinator.