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Monday, Aug. 12, 2019

2019 Ride Information - Registration opens June 3, 2019

Due to the increased number of rides in September, we are keeping HPC on a Monday in August. For 2019 the date is Monday, Aug. 12. The 400 riders on HPC will embark on a challenging event, leading them through the beautiful Gifford Pinchot National Forest, including the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Starting from Packwood, Washington, cyclists will climb near 7,500 feet in elevation gain over 104 miles. The halfway point is at scenic Windy Ridge, overlooking the Mount St. Helen's blast zone. this event will be timed to the top and results will be posted online post event.

Medals are awarded at the Finish Line Festival based on how quickly riders make it to the top of Windy Ridge. This is done based on a 7 a.m. start time for ALL riders. If you start at 7:30 a.m. the timing still reflects a 7 a.m. start.

HPC is a strenuous mountain ride that climbs over Independence Pass, then winds past scenic Spirit Lake on the way to the Windy Ridge Viewpoint in the Mt. St. Helens National Monument area. The use of this pristine route was made possible by a special arrangement with the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Mount St. Helens National Monument. This is a ride you don't want to miss!

Beginning and ending in Packwood, Washington, the High Pass Challenge route uses low traffic paved national forest roads to explore the natural beauty that makes Washington special.  Riders get timed to the top. Based on your timed result to the top you earn a finisher's medal. Every rider receives a finishers gift, picnic lunch, food stops and road support.

This is one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth, so enjoy the ride!

The High Pass Challenge (HPC), a ride that takes riders on a 104-mile journey up to Mt. St. Helen's Windy Ridge and back, was developed for the Cascade Bicycle Club in 2007 by Tom Meloy.

Tom became a Ride Leader in 2003 and served on the Cascade Board of Directors in 2007. While on Cascade's Board of Directors, Tom presented the idea of a new event tailored for hardcore riders; he felt the route from Packwood to Windy Ridge on Mt. St. Helens would be perfect. At the same time, Tom founded the High Performance Cycling Team for Cascade, and it is no coincidence that both the team and the High Pass Challenge are abbreviated as “HPC.” The goal was to develop both a Cascade event and a cycling team that would appeal to people who like to climb and ride long distances.  As the back of the HPC jersey attests, high performance cyclists like to "Ride Hard, Climb High, and Ride Fast."  The High Pass Challenge provides participants with the opportunity to do all three!"

Results for previous years - "Time to the top"

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Two people on bikes for the 2016 HPCWho does your registration support?

Did you know the High Pass Challenge is a fundraiser? Your HPC ride registration makes Washington a better place for people riding bikes:

  • You are championing better and safer bicycle infrastructure.
  • You are providing bicycle education programs for children, families, school groups and everyone else who wants to ride a bike.
  • You are empowering youth from diverse communities through the Major Taylor Project.
  • You are making it possible for Cascade to offer over 2,500 free group rides every year.
  • Ultimately, you are getting more people on bikes.

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