We encourage all riders to Ride SMART.

STAY ALERT - Momentary inattention is the number one cause of incidents. Watch for vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians and hazards. Do not wear earbuds or use phones while riding.

MAINTAIN SPACE - Leave enough room in front of you to avoid other riders, vehicles and hazards. Ride outside the door zone, and move off the road or trail when stopping.

ACT SAFELY AND PREDICTABLY - Wear a properly fitted helmet. Make sure you can see and be seen. Ride a straight line and only pass on the left. Be courteous.

RESPECT THE RULES OF THE ROAD - Obey all traffic laws; stop for all red lights and stop signs. Signal turns whenever safe, ride no more than two abreast (single file is safer) and yield right-of-way when appropriate.

THINK AHEAD AND TALK - Scan ahead and anticipate what others will do. Communicate actions and hazards, tell others when passing and cross railroad tracks at a right angle when possible.