2019 Ride with GPS

This is the preliminary 2019 route that is subject to change. Please do not download until a few days before the event.  Construction, road conditions, and local events can often change our route last minute. You can use this link along with your official route map. Printed maps with additional information will be included with your packet. Turns will be marked in chalk with the official STP stencil. 

Food Stops

There are three types of food stops on the STP route: 

  • Official Rest Stops- Food is free, restrooms, full medical staffing, and mechanic onsite

  • Official Mini Stops- Food is for purchase, restrooms, self serve first aid kits, and mechanic onsite

  • Unofficial Stops- Community groups, kids with lemonade, and others set up stops along the route. Some offer free food, some offer food and drink for purchase. No additional services have been arranged at these sites. They are often unknown to the organizers until the day of the event. Riders are encouraged to use any and all stops along the STP route that fit their personal needs.  

Our fully supported 200+ mile is kept at a comparatively low cost with 5 free food stops on route. Participating in mini-stops helps the communities along the route raise funds for their community work and allows us to keep your registration fee at a minimum.  

Official Rest Stops

Mile 20- Kaiser Permanente Rest Stop- Kent, WA (5am-9am)

Featuring free giveaways from our title sponsor of sunblock and cooling towels, Seattle Bagel Bakery, Nuun, KIND Bar, and a live DJ!  Start your STP right. Loosen up those legs a little, grab a light breakfast, a tune, and hit the road!

Mile 54- Spanaway Middle School- Spanaway, WA (6am-2pm)
Mile 108- "One Day Rider Stop" Chehalis Recreation Park (Sat. 9am-6pm)

Chehalis will host the One-Day Rider (or any points beyond Chehalis) stop this year.  Full medical support will remain at the official midpoint stop at Centralia College, but free food and services will be available at the Chehalis stop on Saturday only. On Sunday, Chehalis hosts a mini-stop for two-day riders who have over-nighted in Centralia.

Mile 146- Riverside Park- Lexington, WA (Sat. 1p-6p, Sun 8a-2p)
Mile 176- St. Helens HS- St. Helens, OR (Sat. 2p-6p, Sun 9a-5p)

official mini-stops

Mile 10- No Host, Mechanic and Restrooms- Seward Park (5am-9am)
Mile 40- Puyallup- Grayland Park (6am-12pm)
Mile 64- JBLM- Roy Cutoff Rd (Porta potties ONLY- no host at this stop)
Mile 71- McKenna Elementary- McKenna, WA 
Mile 74- Yelm City Park- Yelm, WA 
Mile 88- Tenino City Park- Tenino, WA (8am-5pm)
          Mile 101- OFFICIAL MIDPOINT STOP- Centralia College- Medical and mechanical and food for purchase. 
Mile 108- Chehalis Recreation Park- Sunday Only Mini Stop (Saturday free food for points beyond Chehalis) (Sun. 6am-10am)
Mile 122- World's Largest Egg- Winlock, WA (Sat. 9 am-5 pm, Sun 6 am - 12 pm)
Mile 129- Welcome to Vader Sign- Vader, WA (Sat. 9 am -5 pm, Sun 6 am-12 pm)
Mile 139- Castle Rock High School- Castle Rock, WA
          Mile 163- Goble Tavern- Goble, OR (Sat. 1 - 6 pm, Sun. 10 am -4 pm) 
Mile 188- NW Boat Basin Rd - Scappoose, OR (Sat. 2 - 6 pm, Sun. 9 am-5 pm)


​Personal Support Vehicles (PSVs)

STP riders are well-supported with plenty of food and mechanical support and DO NOT NEED A PSV. Despite this fact, we continue to see an excessive number of PSVs on the cycling route, leading to unsafe and unpleasant riding conditions.  

Support Vehicle Etiquette 

  1. Avoid the cycling route at all times. Only drive the route if you are needing to pick up your rider. Cell phones work well over 90% of the route. For the other 10% riders can flag down Goldwing motorcycle support or a marked support vehicle in order to get them to a rest stop with cell phone service to call their support driver.
  2. Do not pull your vehicle into official rest stops. There are 8,000 riders trying to safely navigate these rest stops, and only official STP support cars are allowed to pull into these locations.  Please follow the driving directions and determine meet up spots with your riders in advance. 
  3. Do not eat the food at official rest stops. Please feel free to stop at mini-stops where community groups are selling items to raise money for their organizations. It is great to give back to them as they graciously host the ride once a year! The food at official STP rest stops are for registered riders only.
  4. If your rider calls for support please have them walk to a safe place fully off the road. It is much easier to pick up a cyclist in a designated lot on the opposite side of bicycle traffic. Try not to turn right in front of the cyclist's route whenever possible.
  5. Give riders three feet and only pass when safe. STP is a steady stream of cyclists and that is why we ask that you stay on I-5 wherever possible.

Please see our Google Map with easy navigation tools to meet up points.  Written directions to meet up points can be found here.