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  • Riders are responsible for booking all of their own lodging.
  • STP only delivers to specific baggage drops. If you are not staying at a bag drop location confirm with your provider that they will move your bags. All bags loaded onto STP trucks must be tagged with the official STP tags in addition to any tags provided by your accommodation. Bags will not be accepted without official STP tags. See the baggage service page for more details on baggage drop times/locations and logistics.
  • Cascade Bicycle Club does not book any of the lodging along the route. The Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce coordinates most community lodging, hotels are on your own.
  • Certain lodging options will sell out earlier than others; book early if you know where you want to stay.  
  • Hotels are usually sold out soon after STP dates are announced, and most riders will camp indoors or outdoors with space provided by community organizations.
  • Centralia College is the official midpoint, but lodging can be booked anywhere from Centralia (mile 103) to Kelso (mile 150).
    • Not all midpoint lodging is directly on the route, so be sure to confirm directions.
    • Not all midpoint lodging locations have an official STP baggage drop; confirm which truck your baggage needs to be on when booking your accommodation and whether you need to transport your own luggage or if they will shuttle it for you. 
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The official Seattle to Portland start line is located 5 miles north of downtown Seattle at the University of Washington stadium parking lot E-1.

University of Washington Dorm Housing (CLOSED, check back 2019)

  • Dorm rooms for Friday night available, include dinner. No breakfast.
  • Reservations required, unable to accommodate walk-ins. Rooms can sell out. 
  • No parking is available on campus or directly through the UW. Parking is in E-1/18 lot near the start line. Parking passes can be purchased as an add-on with registration.  

Check-in for UW dorms is at McMahon Hall,  Directions to McMahon Hall.

Questions? Contact Conference Services confhouse@u.washington.edu or 206.543.7636

College Inn (B & B) (0.6 miles from start)

4000 University Way NE

(206) 633-4441

Inn at Queen Anne (3.9 miles from start)

505 1st Avenue North

(206) 282-7357

University Travelodge (0.9 miles from start)

4725 25th NE

(206) 525-4612

Moore Hotel (4.4 miles from start)

1926 2nd Ave.

(206) 448-4851

(800) 421-5508

University Silver Cloud Inn (1.0 miles from start)

5036 25th Ave NE

(800) 205-6940

Hostelling International (4.5 miles from start)

520 S King St

(888) 622-5443

University Inn (1.3 miles from start)

4140 Roosevelt Way NE

(800) 733-3855

Hotel Nexus (6.2 miles from start)

2140 North Northgate Way

(800) 435-0754

Watertown Hotel (1.8 miles from start)

4242 Roosevelt Way NE

(866) 944-4242

Marriott Waterfront (6 miles from start)

2100 Alaskan Way

(209) 443-5000

MarQueen Hotel (3.8 miles from start)

600 Queen Anne Ave N

(206) 282-7407

Seattle-King County Convention & Visitors Bureau

(206) 461-5840


Residence Inn by Marriott (1.3 miles from start)

4501 12th Avenue NE 

(206) 322-8887





Lodging options for two-day riders fall into these categories: (reference the below tables)

  1. Housing arranged by Centralia College (Free outdoor camping, no reservation required)
  2. Housing arranged by Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce 
  3. Housing arranged by individual riders- Contact orgs directly
  4. Free tent camping
Centralia College Housing Type Price Mile  Truck Contact
Centralia College (Official Midpoint Stop) Indoor Camping  $30 101 Centralia Details
Centralia College Group Semi-Private Group $250-$375 101 Centralia 360-623-8445
Centralia College Outdoor Tent Camping FREE 101 Centralia Details

MIDPOINT HOUSING FORM (Closed, check back 2019)

Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce Type Price Mile  Truck Contact
Private Housing Private Home/Tent $90/$50 Varies Centralia Housing Form
Napavine Indoor/Outdoor Camping $35/$25 115 Napavine Housing Form
Winlock Lions Club  Indoor/Outdoor Camping  $60/$40 122 Winlock Housing Form
*Fill out the housing form with your preferred reservation spot and the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce will arrange your accomodations for you. 


Contact Directly Type Price Mile  Truck Contact
St. John's Lutheran Church Indoor/Outdoor Camping $60/$55 109 Chehalis Recreation Park 253-693-8132
Centralia Community Church Indoor Camping $50 100 Centralia 360-736-7606
Grace Church Indoor Camping  $50 100 Chehalis Recreation Park 360-748-8628
Salvation Army Indoor Camping  $50 100 Centralia 360-736-4339
Bethel Church Indoor/Outdoor Camping $48 100 Bethel Church 360-748-0119
Centralia Square Grand Ballroom Hotel/Indoor Camping $119-219/$35 100 Centralia 360-807-1212
Chehalis United Methodist Church Indoor Camping $60 107 Chehalis Recreation Park 360-388-1851
Lewis County Young Life Private Home $65 Varies Varies 360-388-0224
Winlock Schools Indoor/Outdoor Camping $40 122 Winlock 360-785-3537
Vader Assembly of God Indoor/Outdoor Camping  $50 124 Vader 360-295-3756
Toledo High School Indoor/Outdoor Camping $50 ~126 (off route) Toledo 360-560-2305
Christian Fellowship of Winlock Camping-Private Rooms $35-$75 122 Winlock 360-785-4280
Castle Rock High School Indoor/Outdoor Camping $20 134 Castle Rock tcatlin@crschools.org
WF West Cheerleaders  Indoor/Outdoor Camping $50/$50 108 Chehalis Recreation Park 360-269-0979
*Please contact the above organizations directly to reserve your accomodations.
Free Tent Camping Type Price Mile  Truck
Chehalis Recreation Park Outdoor Tent Camping FREE 108 Chehalis Recreation Park
Centralia College Outdoor Tent Camping FREE 100 Centralia
Stan Hedwall Park Tent Camping FREE 109 Chehalis Recreation Park

*Free tent camping is on a first-come first-served basis. NO reservations necessary, plenty of space.


Housing arranged by the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce 


Local volunteers open their homes to riders to help support local charities in Centralia & Chehalis. For a $90 fee you can stay in private homes, you receive sleeping accommodations and a shower with towel. $50 fee for tent camping. Riders are responsible for their own dinner unless arrangements are made before the ride with their host family. Breakfast will be available upon request. Proceeds go towards Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce. At the start line, place your baggage on the  Centralia baggage truck. 


A $35 fee including indoor camping in school, $25 for outdoor camping or RV parking, indoor bike storage, baggage service, and shower (no towels). Large group arrangements are possible. A spaghetti dinner will be available Saturday evening for $7 as well as a $5 pancake and eggs breakfast on Sunday morning. Funds raised benefit the Napavine Elementary School.  At the start line, place your baggage on the   Napavine baggage truck. 


Come stay with the Winlock Lions Club right on the HWY 603 STP route next to the fire station in Winlock’s Community Building. Mats and pad the basement floor while upstairs is wood. Some air mattresses are available for that area. Indoor/outdoor camping and RV parking space available. (no electric hookups) $60 indoor $40 tent $40 RV Bike storage inside building with you. Includes showers, bag pickup and delivery, snacks on arrival, gourmet dinner with desserts and continental breakfast. Water, pop, and Juices (including Pickle juice) Lets us know if you have special dietary needs. There are no masseuses on site. We aim to make your stay a pleasant one. If you have any questions contact Cindy at: cynthiamalarz@umpquabank.com Make reservations through the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce (360-748-8885). At the start line, place your baggage on the  Winlock baggage truck. 

Centralia College Housing


Relax at the end of the first day at the Centralia College Campus, which has 30 acres of inviting landscape, restrooms, showers, television viewing areas, cafeteria, and parking for RVs ($25) and support vehicles. An improved bike security system (bike corral) will be available from the Centralia Police Department. The extremely popular Beer Garden will return and will be placed in a strategic area to provide a pleasant environment as well as an opportunity to view TV programming. Start off  Sunday with a full carbo load from the pancake feed in the college cafeteria. 

Check the Centralia College STP website for the latest information on menus and activities. (Midpoint photos will also be posted on the website after the ride). 

Please fill out the Saturday Night Lodging Reservation Form. Proceeds go towards Centralia College Scholarship Foundation. 

Pre-registration for floor space in the Gym is available for $30, pre-registration for indoor camping closes July 6th, 2018. Registration at the door (if not sold out) is $35, which includes showers and towel rental, television and use of exercise equipment. At the start line, place your baggage on the   Centralia baggage truck. 



Semi-private group housing. Three boardrooms in the Hanson building and numerous classrooms in the Gym and the Walton Science Center. Pricing, number of occupants and other info are as follows: 

  • 6 person semi-private accommodations - $250 (SOLD OUT for 2018)
  • 8 person semi-private accommodations - $300 (SOLD OUT for 2018)
  • 12 person semi-private accommodations - $375

More information is available on the Centralia College website. For questions on the Centralia College midpoint contact Staci Sume (360) 623-8445.  Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for the Centralia baggage truck.  

CENTRALIA COLLEGE - Free tent camping

Centralia midpoint location. Free tent space. Food services and showers available on site. Click here for more details and information. Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for Centralia baggage truck. 

Housing Arranged by Individual Riders

The following housing options can be reserved by contacting the organization directly.   


St. John’s Lutheran Church at 2190 Jackson Highway, Chehalis 98532 will be offering mid-ride housing for the STP for the 15th year. Cost for housing per person will be $55 for tent camping, $60 for the community center/gym with 50 person capacity, and $65 for a semi-private classroom (holding 4-6  persons) with 50 spots available. All options include baggage service to/from Recreation Park in Chehalis, restroom and shower facilities, a towel, an air mattress, and all-you-can-eat dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. For questions, go to stp@stjohnschehalis.net or phone (253)693-8132 to reach Sue Edwards, Registrar. At the start line place your bags on the Chehalis Recreation Park baggage truck. 

For reservations, visit our website stjohnschehalis.net and complete/ submit an online form. Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit 

Card or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope and corresponding check per person payable to: 

St. John’s Lutheran Church 

Sue Edwards, 736 NW Ohio, Chehalis, WA 98532 


Indoor camping 

Located one mile from scenic Borst Park or 1½ miles from the Centralia outlets is offering several choices for STP lodging with convenient online registration and payment. Sleeping space is $50 (per person) in an air-conditioned building on a carpeted gym floor with air mattress, or $50 (per person)$300 for groups of 5 or more in a private carpeted classroom w/an air mattress. Amenities include on-site showers (towels included), secured indoor bike storage, basic cable, wifi, taco bar w/ beef, chicken and a variety of delicious toppings, spanish rice, chips, salsa, and fresh fruit. Pancakes, sausage, golden scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, Orange juice, and coffee. We also have plenty of outdoor space for non-pedaling family members and friends to park their RVs ($20 space + $20 per person includes showers and meals). No alcohol or tobacco please. At the start line, place your baggage on the Centralia baggage truck. 

For more information call (360) 360-736-7606. Devin Burton dburton@cccog.com 

Make checks payable to Centralia Community Church of God

3320 Borst Ave

Centralia Wa, 98531

Register and pay online now at www.cccog.com 


Indoor camping located 1 mile from Chehalis mini stop. $50 fee includes floor space in church for sleeping, lasagna dinner with salad and garlic bread followed by  dessert. Breakfast includes pancakes & eggs. Secure indoor storage for bikes, delivery of bags to & from Chehalis Mini stop at Recreation Park is also included. In house showers available, no towels. At the start line, place bags on Chehalis Recreation Park truck with FBBC tag. For more information call (360) 748-8628 Christine Gilmon christinegilmon@hotmail.com secretary@fbcchehalis.org.

Print ONLINE form at FBCCHEHALIS.ORG and send payment in self-addressed envelope to:

Chehalis First Baptist Church

Christine Gilmon, 1866 S Market Blvd, Chehalis Wa, 98532

 * include email address for confirmation

Make checks payable to: Chehalis First Baptist Church


Located just 5 short blocks from the Centralia College midpoint, The Centralia Salvation Army offers a cot and blanket, towel, breakfast (including:  eggs, pancakes and sausage), dinner (featuring: spaghetti, salad and garlic toast), snacks, and beverages. There is room for 36 cots in the main hall,  three restrooms including showers and a large men’s and women’s restroom. Air-conditioned rooms and secure indoor bike storage are all included in  the $50 dollar fee. Four Private rooms @ $25 extra are available on a first come, first served basis. At the start line, place your baggage on the Centralia baggage truck. Register online here.       

For reservations contact:  Rebecca Kaurasi at rebecca.kaurasi@usw.salvationarmy.org or by phone (360) 736-4339 ext. 203 (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday). 


Indoor and outdoor camping  

Located 4 miles south of Chehalis on the STP route. A $48 fee includes indoor camping in a carpeted room, outdoor camping- RV spaces avail., free  WIFI, shower (no towel), indoor bike storage, dinner, breakfast, and baggage service. Dinner include s: Spinach Salad bar, Meat Lasagna, Vegetable  Lasagna, Bread/Butter, beverages and a dessert. Breakfast includes assorted Muffins, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Scrambled Egg Bake, Sausage, oven potatoes, Granola, Oatmeal, and Beverages. No alcohol or tobacco please, the fundraiser proceeds go to help defray costs of camps, conferences,  travel, accommodations, etc. for our Fusion Youth Ministry department (middle & high school students). For more information or to register online ($3  additional fee), please go to www.bethel-church.com . For questions not covered on our website, you can contact Bethel Church at courtney@bethel-church.com or call (360) 748-0119. 

The official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for the Bethel Church truck

For reservations send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and $48 check payable to: Bethel Church - STP, 132 Kirkland Road, Chehalis, WA 98532 

Please include self addressed/stamped envelope to receive confirmation. 


Located two short blocks from the Centralia College Campus and downtown Centralia. The restored historic property offers hotel rooms as well as floor space in our Grand Ballroom. Showers, towels, bike storage, and baggage service are provided as well as free WI-FI. Place your Bags on the Centralia baggage truck. The Branch Bar and Public Room is an intimate hotel restaurant featuring unique small plates, entrees and fresh squeezed classic cocktails. Atmosphere is rich and casual, perfect for small groups and conversations. Berryfields restaurant is located in our building. They have been awarded the “Best in Lewis county” breakfast award numerous times.

Hotel rooms $119.99-$219.99 a night. Floor space in Grand Ballroom $35 rider at the door.

For reservations contact Heather or Eric Morrow at Centralia Square Grand Ballroom and Hotel 360-807-1212 centraliasquarehotel@yahoo.com . Make checks payable to Centralia Square Hotel Box 1639 Centralia, WA 98531 www.centraliasquare.com . Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for reservation confirmation.

Chehalis United Methodist Church   

Located 08 of a mile from I-5. Indoor camping is available for $60 per person with six private rooms (4 average sized,  2 large) on a first come basis. Registration covers all-you-can-eat open-ended meals. Dinner will feature homemade hearty spaghetti, garlic bread,  green salad w/ dressings, desserts, and beverages. Breakfast includes biscuits and sausage gravy, boiled eggs, oatmeal, yogurts, fruit, delicious  homemade cinnamon rolls, bagels, cream cheese, Keurig coffee, and juices. Iced Water, Gatorade and snacks (healthy, sweet, salty, sour) available at  all times. Baggage service, secure bike storage, showers with towels provided. No alcohol, tobacco or pets please. Visit our website for more information, registration form and payment instructions. Jean Long is happy to answer your questions (Cell:  (360)388-1851 or email: stanjeanlong@msn.com ) Full refunds are available until June 23rd, 2018. Proceeds from this event go towards our mission  and outreach projects. At the start line: Place your bags on the Chehalis Recreation Park baggage truck. 

For reservations, print online form, fill out and send in a self-addressed stamped envelope with $60 check per person payable to: 

Chehalis United Methodist Church-STP (on memo line please indicate for STP 2018)  

Jean Long P.O. Box 147, Chehalis, WA 98532 


Indoor and outdoor/RV camping

Located conveniently 2  blocks away from the Chehalis Recreation Park (Penny Playground). For $50 per person you may reserve an Indoor camping space in the WF West High School gymnasium with floor mat and dinner/breakfast included or you may choose the option to reserve a tent/RV space for  $50 per Space that includes dinner and breakfast for 1 person and $10 per meal for each additional person thereafter (example: $20 per additonal  person for both meals). Also included with your reservation is bike storage, luggage transport, warm showers (NO TOWELS) and a delicious dinner and breakfast. Dinner menu consists of: Pasta and sauce options served with garlic bread, salad, dressings, milk, water, and juice. Breakfast menu consists of: eggs, pancakes, sausage, fruit, milk, water, and juice. Additional guests may also purchase meals at $10 per meal. Please contact Serena Schoelkopf at sschoelkopf@chehalisschools.org for more information.

At the start line:  Place your bags on the Chehalis Recreation Park baggage truck.

For reservations contact Serena Schoelkopf at  360-269-0979 or email sschoelkopf@chehalisschools.org. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and check payable to: WF West Cheer -  342 SW 16th St. Chehalis, WA 98532

Please include self addressed/stamped envelope to receive confirmation.


A non-denominational Christian organization for junior high and high school youths. Accommodations in local host  homes. A $65 fee per person includes bed, shower & towels, dinner and breakfast, plus baggage service and  transportation to route if needed. Friendly host housing locations include Centralia, Chehalis and limited number of  homes in Napavine, Winlock and Toledo. All proceeds benefit activities for youths involved in Young Life. 

For reservations and questions, please email STP co-coordinator Brittany at younglife@Lewiscountyyounglife.com or call 360-388-0224. Make checks payable to "Young Life" and mail to:

PO Box 135 Centralia, WA 98531 


Indoor and outdoor camping, plus meals available 

For the cost of  $40 per person you will receive a camping site and two meals, consisting of a spaghetti dinner buffet with green salad, drinks and  desserts as well as an all you can eat pancake breakfast with eggs, sausage, fruit, juice and more. Those wanting to only reserve a campsite may do so for $20 per person . Indoor (gym) and outdoor (athletic fields) camping are available at both the elementary and high school sites. Showers (no  Towels), baggage service, and indoor bike storage will also be provided. Meals are served by the WINLOCK OLEQUA SENIOR CENTER , which is air  conditioned and provides a relaxing atmosphere. The proceeds for the meals help support the Winlock area’s senior citizens, providing meals and  activities for the Seniors in the community. Non-reserved meals (walk-ins) will be available at the Senior Center for $15 per meal, payable at the door (cash or check only, please). The Senior Center is located in town on the STP route. The Elementary School is located in downtown Winlock, a few  blocks from the Senior Center and close to the route. The High School is located out of town a couple of miles in a more rural location. There is a shuttle bus that runs downtown on Saturday evening. For additional information please contact Brian Maley at bmaley@winlock.wednet.edu or (360)785-3537. 

Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for the Winlock truck.  

To register online click here. Opens January 23th and closes July 11th, 2018. 

To register by mail send check and self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 

Brian Maley – STP, Winlock High School, 241 N. Military Rd.Winlock, WA  98596 -

Registration by mail: Closes July 8th, 2018. 


Indoor camping, outdoor camping or RV parking 

Located near mile 124 on STP route. A $50 fee includes indoor camping in an air-conditioned, carpeted room or outdoor camping or self-contained RV  parking, shower ( no towel ), secured bike storage, baggage service, meals included with fee Spaghetti Supper (Meat & Vegetarian & GF pasta avail.) including salad, bread, dessert, coffee, water, sodas and fruit. Pancake breakfast including eggs, sausage links, fruit, pastries, milk, and juice. No alcohol or tobacco please. Meals are available for non campers at the price of $ 8 for dinner and $ 6 for breakfast. For information, please call (360) 295-3756 or email  praise_tl@hotmail.com . Call for availability after March 15. Floor space is limited so register early. Usually lots of outdoor camping  space. If you would like confirmation of your reservation please send a self-stamped and addressed envelope with your reservation request. 

Official drop-off/pick up site for the Vader baggage truck. 

For reservations send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and $50 check payable to: Vader Assembly of God – STP, PO Box 220, Vader, WA 98593 


Indoor/outdoor camping 

Toledo High School (indoor/outdoor camping) - Follow the red Ts on scenic Jackson Highway from Chehalis to Toledo High School. This route adds 2.3 miles to the STP route and rejoins you to the main route in Vader (the extra couple of miles will be worth the trip... trust me!). This route is well marked, traffic is minimal, shoulders are adequate and the scenery is great. A $50 fee includes sleeping space (private rooms for groups on a first come first served basis), hot showers on site (no towel), indoor bike storage, baggage service, snacks, coffee, and two meals. Feel pampered while  eating on ceramic dishes with real silverware. All-you-can-eat homemade spaghetti dinner (including salad, fresh baked bread, fruit & desserts made  from scratch) from 5-9 PM and a full breakfast (including: homemade muffins, ham, eggs, fruit, and juice) from 4:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Plenty of shaded outdoor space for RV, tent and/or non-pedaling family members and friends for $50. Space is limited to 60 people in order to provide a quality overnight stay. For more information contact Angela Schaplow at aschaplow@toledoschools.us or 360-560-2305. 

Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for the Toledo baggage truck. 

For reservations send a $50 check payable to: Toledo High School, C/O Angela Schaplow P.O. Box 820 Toledo, WA 98591. 


Private rooms, indoor and outdoor camping 

Hot showers and towels are provided. Wireless Internet access is also available. Your bikes stay with you in your rooms. We are a quiet, and friendly stop over. We have private rooms for both groups and individuals. Night watchman and luggage pickup and drop off is also included. Dinner includes: taco bar with misc. Snacks and drinks (GF & Vegetarian options available) - $8 per person. Breakfast includes: Breakfast sandwiches, fruit, water and coffee (GF & Vegetarian options avail) - $7 per person. Place Bags on Winlock truck and mark bags with CFW. 

Indoor Floor Space = $50 per person Private rooms = $75 per person, $125 2 people, $175 3 people. Tent camping, including use of shower and Restrooms, = $35 per person or $50 per tent. RV camping (NO hookups) = $35 

To register call Theda Crocker at (360)785-4280 or   cfwsecretary@qwestoffice.net Mon-Thurs 9am-2pm or leave msg. Please send check payable to CFW and self addressed stamped envelope to: CFW C/O Theda Crocker - STP, P.O. Box 537, Winlock, WA 98596.


Located near mile 134 on the STP route. A $20 per person/camper fee includes indoor gym/outdoor lawn camping or RV camping as well as, indoor bike storage and showers (towels not provided). RV parking is available behind the school. When sending in your registration fee, please make sure to notify us in advance if you will be bringing an RV so that we can designate space for your vehicle. A dinner will be offered on site for $10 payable at the door. Dinner includes a choice of pulled pork sandwich or a chicken wrap, baked potato with trimmings, pasta salad, beverage and dessert. Dinner begins at 5:00pm and will be served until 9:00pm. A licensed massage therapist and first aid station will be available on site. Concessions run Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday 5:00am to 11:00am. Breakfast will be available Sunday morning from 5:00am to 8:30am at a cost of $8.00 to be paid at the door. Breakfast items include pancakes, sausage, fruit, juice, milk and coffee. Proceeds will benefit student groups at Castle Rock High School.                                    

To reserve your spot, please send payment in the form of check or money order made out to Castle Rock High School. Mail your payment and contact information to:

Attn: Tracy Catlin-

STP Camping Castle Rock High School 

5180 Westside Hwy 

Castle Rock, WA 98611 

Please include the names of all campers along with your payment. If you provide an e-mail address, confirmation of your registration will be sent electronically. If you prefer a paper copy of your registration, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. For more information, please email Tracy at tcatlin@crschools.org.

Castle Rock is an official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site. 

Free Tent Camping 

No reservations needed for the free camping spots. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Free outdoor tent camping. Typically an all you can eat Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast is served by a community organization. Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for Chehalis (Recreation Park) baggage truck.

Chehalis Recreation Park- The “NEW” One Day (and all points beyond Chehalis) Food Stop Location!

Join us at Chehalis Recreation Park for Free tent camping, Music Entertainment, Massage, Beer Garden & Vendors. A Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast will be served by a local community organization for a small fee. Within the park are accommodations are available for the swimming pool and showers for the cost of $5.


Centralia midpoint location. Free tent space. Food services and showers available on site.  Official STP baggage drop-off/pick-up site for Centralia baggage truck. 


Free outdoor tent camping on Rice Road ½ mile west of Recreation Park. RV Parking too - $20 per night (with full hook-ups). First come, first serve –  no reservations for RV parking. Stan Hedwall is close to Chehalis Recreation Park where there is typically an all you can eat Saturday night Dinner and  Sunday morning Breakfast, served by a community organization. For $5 per person swimming pool and showers are also available. At the start line, place your bag on the  Chehalis (Recreation Park) baggage truck.

POST-RIDE (Portland)

The Kaiser Permanente STP presented by Alaska Airlines Finish Line Festival is at Holladay Park in northeast Portland, by Lloyd Center. Portland's light rail "MAX" stops at Holladay Park. For a fee, you can go downtown or to the airport and you can take your bike with you!

There are many accommodation options in Portland here are a few listed in order of distance from the finish line. This is not a complete list of options in the Portland area.

The Doubletree Hotel at Lloyd Center -- (Finish Line)

1000 Multnomah St.

(800) 996-0510

STP Reservation Link

The official host hotel of STP is conveniently located across the street from the finish line. STP group rate rooms are limited.

Please note: Reservations at this hotel will open with regsitration in January.  The link will become live on registration day. Please do not call the hotel, they will not make a booking for you under the STP block until that time.

Courtyard Marriott Lloyd Center Hotel (0.3 miles from the finish)

435 NE Wasco St

(503) 234-3200

(800) 321-2211

Hostelling International (1.9 miles from the finish)

425 NW 18th Ave


Quality Inn-Downtown Convention Center (0.3 miles from the finish)

431 NE Multnomah St

(800) 531-5900

Holiday Inn Express – NW Portland (3.0mi from the finish)

2333 NW Vaughn St.

(503) 484-1100

Residence Inn by Marriott (0.4 miles from the finish)

1710 NE Multnomah St.

(800) 331-3131

Silver Cloud Inn – NW Downtown Portland  (3.1 miles from the finish)

2426 NW Vaughn St.

(503) 242-2400

(800) 205-6939

Crown Plaza Portland – Convention Center  (0.5 miles from the finish)

1441 NE 2nd Avenue

(503) 233-2401

Limited oversized parking is available (contact the hotel directly).

Staybridge Suites Hotel-Portland Airport (9.2mi from the finish)

11936 NE Glenn Widing Drive

(503) 262-8888

Sentinel Hotel (1.9 miles from the finish)

614 SW 11th Ave

(888) 246-3400

(503) 241-2122

Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Airport (9.9 miles from the finish)

7900 NE 82nd Ave

(503) 460-3000

Other hotels & Information