Policy Director

Thomas Goldstein

Wheels: A bike left at my house and a burgundy O'Brien. 

Commute: 10 miles from Columbia City, mostly downhill

Favorite Rides: So many! Sunrise, Magnolia, Mercer Island with the Paul Allen egress

Born and raised in Baltimore, Thomas spent his childhood watching reruns of western television series especially Big Valley. Following college in Boston, work at U Penn and a stint with South African Voluntary Services, Thomas headed West to ride the hills and valleys of the Evergreen State. 

Most recently Thomas led the Washington Bus from start-up phase to youth-vote sector dominance. He also founded and ran The Service Board. TSB mentors teens to conquer their personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.

Thomas has been a member of the transition committees for three Seattle mayors (not including Henry Yesler's) and is a member of the City of Seattle Parks Legacy Citizens’ Advisory Committee.

Thomas enjoys advocacy, travel, protected bike lanes, modern art and architecture and bikes.