Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Taldi Walter

Wheels: Scott Contessa CR1 Pro and a custom single speed polo bike

Commute: 9 miles from First Hill

Favorite ride: Ride the Rockies

After scoring a road bike for $75 seven years ago, Taldi began a journey that has taken her from bike commuting to completing gran fondos and triathlons. It took a while, but once she realized that the bike-leg was her favorite part of triathlons, she began road racing and playing bike polo, too.

Prior to joining Cascade, Taldi worked at the National Audubon Society in Washington, D.C. as their assistant director of government relations. Now that she lives in this Washington, she’s excited to trade binoculars for bikes, doing her part to build a better cycling community through advocacy on state-level transportation and land use planning.

Born in Alaska, and raised in Montana, she grew up rafting, hiking, and mountain biking the Rockies and is excited to return to the West. When she’s not riding, Taldi enjoys culinary exploits, wine making, live music, scuba diving, gardening, and traveling.