**CANCELED** "Easy" Hill Repeats - Magnolia

ATTENTION RIDERS: All Free Group Rides are CANCELED until further notice.  Click here for PDF iconmore info

(updated 3/25/20)

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Date and Time: 
Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 5:00pm
Start Location: 
West Ewing Mini Park
190 W Ewing St
Seattle, WA 98119
Contact Information: 
Paul Soreff
8.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
500 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

This is a weekly series of "easy" hill repeats, which are great training to improve your hill climbing abilities.  To warm up we will ride from the SPU West Ewing Mini Park along the Canal to the intersection of Dravus and Thorndyke Avenue in Magnolia.  That is where the fun starts.  The hill is just under 1 mile.  The first half is a gentle grade of 2-3% and in the last half it kicks up a little to a 4-5% grade.  We will do as many repeats of the hill as we can in 60-90 minutes. After that we will return to the mini park the way we came. 

Route Note:  Cue sheets are not needed but can be printed off the RWGPS link below. The mileage and elevation gain shown on the RWGPS link is for two hill repeats.  Your actual mileage and elevation gain will vary, depending on how many repeats you do. (Each repeat is approximately 1 mile up and 1 mile down and an additional 200' of elevation gain.)

Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early so we are ready to depart at 5:30.  

NOTE - In Order to following COVID-19.social distancing practices, we will NOT be stopping for coffee or food during the ride, so please be sure to bring your own energy bar or the like as needed. 

 COVID-19 Ride Practices - Finally, in order to comply with this order by King County Health officials, the Cascade Bike Club has instituted the following requirements for ALL Free Group Rides:: 

● All riders are required to screen themselves prior to a ride for symptoms of COVID-19. 

        Have you been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past two weeks? 

        Are you or any of your household members experiencing any of the following symptoms?         

                  ○ Fever; Cough; Difficulty breathing; Any other cold- or flu-like symptoms?

        Are you immunodeficient or do you have any underlying medical conditions that place you at increased risk of                               COVID-19 exposure?

        Do you have any symptoms of infection, regardless of severity?

If you answered yes to any of the any of the preceding questions, please do not show up for this ride. 

Thank you for keeping the safety of our riders and Ride Leaders a first priority and for your cooperation during this health advisory period.  

● Older individuals who are are at an increased risk of COVID-19, should think about this before attending the ride.

● Riders must maintain social distancing space while on and off their bicycles (at least six feet). This includes avoiding bunching at intersections, lights, and stop signs and bathroom stops. 

● Riders should refrain from expelling bodily fluids (mucus, spit, etc.) while on a ride. If necessary, carry and use tissue or a handkerchief.

Cancellation: Unless there is heavy rain, the ride will go forward.  If there is a need to cancel, I will post that at least 2 hours before the ride start in the Comments section below.

Please be sure to Register, by clicking the red button above (you will need a Cascade Bike Club account, but the account is free) as it will save us time at the start.  As with all club rides, a helmet is required.


As of 16 March, Cascade Bicycle Club and the Rides Committee have decided to suspend Free Group Rides through the end of March and reevaluate the situation surrounding the coronavirus at that time.

Bicycling is still a great way to exercise and boost your immune system during this time of public health advisory. We encourage you to find a way to continue to ride your bike in a responsible and safe way during the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult times. We look forward to riding as a group again soon. Stay safe and healthy.

West Ewing Mini Park
190 W Ewing St
Seattle, WA 98119
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