FRUMPS - Cedar River Trail to 4 Corners - return Soos Creek Trail

ATTENTION RIDERS: All Free Group Rides are CANCELED until further notice.  Click here for PDF iconmore info

(updated 3/25/20)

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Date and Time: 
Friday, March 13, 2020 - 10:00am
Start Location: 
Ron Regis Park
1501 Orcas Ave SE
Renton, WA 98057
Contact Information: 
Albert Fiedler
39.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
1,964 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

This week the FRUMPS ride heads southeast from Ron Regis Park in Renton.  We start climbing on Jones Road which reminds me of Kentucky.  Then we climb the 196th  hill for 1 mile.  Sweeney Road with rural rollers takes us to Maple Valley.  We descend on Witte Rd down to picturesque riverside Dorre Don.  The route crosses over the Cedar River on an old Rail Road bridge then there is hard-packed gravel for 0.4 miles.  The lunch stop is at a sandwich shop called S'wiched (mile 16).  Check the link below for the S'wiched menu.  There is also a Starbucks in Safeway next door.  After lunch, we have another trail section of packed gravel (0.2 miles) then we cruise through forest neighborhoods over to Covington.  After the rest stop at Lake Meridian (mile 26.7), we enter the Soos Creek Trailhead and ride through natural wetlands for 5 miles back to civilization where we descend 140th for a mile back to Ron Regis Park.  There is a portable potty but no water at the start.

What to bring:  Supplies and tools to fix a flat, cell phone in case you cannot finish, full water bottles, pocket snacks, and money for lunch. 

Start: Arrive in time to prepare your bike, use the restroom and be ready to hear the route review and SMART safety briefing at 9:50 am as we will depart at 10:00 am. 

Restrooms: Start, Lunch at S'wiched (mile 16), Lake Meridian (mile 26.7), optional Soos Creek Trail (mile 33)

Cancellation: In the event of showers or unsafe conditions, the ride leader will not be at the start but will post a cancellation notice in the Comments section below before 8:00 am on the day of the ride.  It is always wise to check the Comments before you drive to the start of a ride. Rain during the ride could modify the route. 

Register: Preregister online by selecting the red and white [Register Now] button at the top of this posting.  If your plans change you do not need to unregister. You may also sign the Cascade waiver at the ride start. 

Cue sheet: Print your own map/cue sheet if you would like one from the RWGPS link below. 






would it be possible to decide and notify by 7am the ride will be cancelled?

it would really make my prep easier and still allow for one plus hour to start point.

Submitted by Al Fiedler on

- Riders must maintain social distancing space while on and off their bicycles (at least six feet). This includes avoiding bunching at intersections, lights, and stop signs.

- Refrain from expelling bodily fluids (mucus, spit, etc.) while on a ride. If necessary, carry and use tissue or a handkerchief.

- Older adults and individuals of any age with underlying medical conditions that are at increased risk of COVID-19 should be discouraged from attending the ride.

- Bring liquid soap with you on the ride in case restrooms are out.

Submitted by Al Fiedler on

The predicted temperature during the ride is 36 - 41 degrees with a 15 - 30% probability of light rain.  Dress appropriately.  There may be a route modification if the proposed route is judged to be unsafe.

Submitted by Al Fiedler on

The weather has deteriorated to the point it is now snowing.  This creates unsafe riding conditions so the ride id canceled

Ron Regis Park
1501 Orcas Ave SE
Renton, WA 98057
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