Let's Go

Let's Go is an elementary school PE curriculum for third to fifth-grade students in the Seattle, Lake Washington, Highline and Edmonds School Districts. Watch a video of the program in Edmonds, here:


"So many of my students have never had the opportunity to ride a bike. No one in their family takes the time required to teach a child to ride a bike. It is just amazing to me that the little time I can take can make a huge difference resulting in over 20 students learning to ride a bike." - Antonija Ventenbergs, teacher, Madrona K-8.

The 10 - 14 age group suffers from the highest number of bicycle collisions - nearly twice that of any other age group. The goal of the programs is to help kids beat this statistic and develop skills that will continue with them into adulthood – skills that are components of a healthy, active and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

"All the students loved bicycling at school, and the students who learned to ride were ecstatic. Thanks for a great program!"

Domingo Gomez, teacher, Salmon Bay School.

The curriculum includes both pedestrian and bicycle safety content. Students learn basic traffic concepts such as stopping at stop signs, and how to avoid the most common accident types such as riding out of a driveway without looking. Kids are also taught the importance of wearing a helmet.

"I believe biking and bike safety are such important skills for children to experience. Thank you for making this opportunity available."

Sue Doty, teacher, Thornton Creek Elementary.

Cascade trains PE teachers to provide the three-week program. Teachers sign up in advance to borrow our fleets of 30 bikes, helmets, rodeo equipment and trailer.

An advanced bike safety program is taught to middle school students in the Edmonds School District, where students build on the skills learned in elementary school in the Basics of Bicyling program. 

The Let's Go program is sponsored by Seattle Children's. Funding also provided through grants by Hazel Miller Foundation and Verdant Health.