Major Taylor Project

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The Major Taylor Project is made possible by donors like you. You can keep these young riders pedaling by helping to raise $125,000 by the end of the year. 

We know it’s an ambitious goal, but if we’ve learned anything from the perseverance and commitment of the Major Taylor Project students, it’s been to dream big, then take it one pedal stroke at a time to make those dreams a reality. 

If you act now, your donation will be doubled up to $16,000--thanks to a group of donors who believe in this program.

But we only have a short amount of time to meet this challenge. Give today and help the next generation of riders!

Donate today to double your gift!

The Major Taylor Project

The Major Taylor Project (MTP) empowers youth from diverse communities through bicycling. In MTP after-school clubs, students establish healthy habits, build relationships, gain confidence and discover their ability to affect positive change. 

And during summer months, many MTP students go further than they thought possible — testing their skills, experience and perseverance — by biking 206 miles from Seattle to Portland on the annual STP. 

What we do

  • Offer weekly bike rides after school so students can explore their community
  • Deliver bicycle safety and maintenance education
  • Provide opportunities to elevate youth voices and inspire students to advocate for change in their community
  • Expose students to various cycling disciplines, including: urban riding, mountain biking and cyclocross racing
  • Offer an eight-week Build-a-Bike program to increase ownership of bikes
  • Provide training opportunities for students to prepare for Cascade events

Who we serve

The Major Taylor Project reaches more than 500 youth annually in middle and high schools in central and south King County and in Pierce County. In these areas, residents speak over 70 languages and represent over 80 nationalities. Our club locations are intentionally established to reach youth in low-income and diverse neighborhoods.

From the students

“MTP has changed my life by traveling to Portland — which was the longest bike ride I ever had — and now I ride my bike frequently. I love that MTP gives the opportunity to those who cannot afford a bike and gives them lots of memorable moments.” – Harpreet Singh, MTP student at Foster High School

“MTP shaped a community around me that otherwise wouldn't be there. MTP brings out the best in people, a student can have an absolute lousy day but still enjoy learning, riding and connecting to their surroundings with a smile on their face every time.” – Han Chen, MTP Franklin High School Alumni & MTP Ride Leader

“Being active in the community for starters has made me see how much these kiddos need MTP to explore just the areas around their home. Now I have a  purpose for riding my bike more.” – Isaias Amador, MTP Highline High School Alumni & White Center Field Coordinator


Donate today to double your gift!