Rides Registration FAQ

Can I register my friends for an event?

No. You can not purchase registration for your friends. The only exception to registering more than one adult using a single account is to have active family membership. If you have a family membership, you can register anyone listed in your household for an event. To note, individual accounts do have permission to register minors, but you will not be able to register other adults.

Do I need to register my children, and how do I?

Yes, all children (even in seats and trailers) need to be registered for liability reasons. You can make accounts for minors, under your account by going to "My Account" -> "Profile" -> "Manage Household" and then create a new household member. Be sure to enter their ages accurately, as kids can ride for low costs!

Is group registration allowed?

No. Group registration is not permitted. Your friends or colleagues will need to register for events individually or by household if applicable.

Where can I find my membership number and expiration date?

You can find them on your membership card and on the mailing label of your most recent copy of Pedal Washington. You may also sign in to your online account to find your membership details in the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Do I need my membership number to register for major rides?

No. You do not need to provide your membership number when registering for major rides. When you successfully sign into your Cascade Bicycle Club account your account information including membership status will automatically reflect.

I have purchased membership, but my member price is not showing?

First, verify you have signed into your account. If you see My Dashboard listed in the top right corner this indicates you are properly signed in. To note, non-member pricing is going to show for both members and non-members as you complete the intial part of the registration. Importantly, after you have agreed to and checked the consent/waiver agreements and also reviewed the optional items for purchase click the add to cart box located in the bottom left corner. Your member pricing will show once the registration is in the cart.

What is household and how many people can join?

Households include two adults and any minor dependents living at the same address.

How can I add family members to my individual membership, so that we can all register during the member only registration period?

You can upgrade your individual membership to a family membership online: sign in to your existing account, and add a family membership to your cart. Note: your family membership purchase will be prorated based on the remaining duration of your individual membership.

I have a individual membership, can I register my family and friends?

No. Individual membership only allows you to purchase registration and receive member discount for yourself. Individual acounts (member and non-member) cannot purchase ride registrations for more than one adult. The only exception to registering more than one adult is to purchase a family membership (see previous question for details on upgrading your membership).

Can I change the pace group I selected or do I have to start in that pace?

Please start with the pace where you feel most comfortable. You are not locked into that pace and can change at any time.

Can my friends who are not Cascade members register for events during the member-only registration period?

Encourage your friends to join Cascade! Only current Cascade members are allowed to register for Cascade events during the member only registration period for each event. The dates do vary from event to event, so make sure you check out the event schedule for verfiication. Members-only registration is one of the ways we thank our members for supporting our work. More information about the benefits of membership is available here.

I’m not a member, but I want to join to participate in members-only registration. When should I join to guarantee that I receive my member number by early January?

If joining online, memberships are instantaneous. Joining online immediately generates your member number in your profile in your online account. If joining by mail, we recommend mailing your membership form by mid-December as it may take up to 10 days to receive your member number in the mail.

If purchasing a family membership online, you will be walked through the process of adding additional household members while purchasing the family membership. You can then add multiple ride registrations to your cart and pair each registration to your existing household members.

For all events you will be able to purchase a membership when you register.

When can non-members register for events?

See the key registration dates online here.