CHEW Eastside #7 2019

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Date and Time: 
Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 9:30am
Start Location: 
Perrigo Park
9011 196th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053
Contact Information: 
Michael J Upsall
(502) 291-1547
43.50 miles
Elevation Gain: 
2,900 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

Climbing Hills - Eastside Wintertime “CHEW” Series

The CHEW Series will be held Sundays, running Jan. 6 through March 31 at various starting points on the east side. These will be climbing routes on local hills which will progress from ~ 30 miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain to 50 miles and 4,000 feet of elevation gain. There will be four paces offered -- Steady (12-14 on flats), Moderate (14-16 on flats), Brisk (16-18 on flats), Vigorous (18-20 on flats.) All pace groups will use a common route each week. 

Registration: To save time at the ride start, you are encouraged to sign the online waiver by clicking the red “Register Now” button above. Please register by 5 pm the Saturday prior to the ride if possible.

Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time to hear the route briefing, safety notes, and sign the waiver form for an on-time departure. You will not be allowed to ride if you do not show up in time to hear the safety briefing.  

Mechanicals/Pace: Riders should be able to sustain the appropriate pace for their selected group, know how to read a cue sheet, change a flat tire (and have the requisite equipment to do so) and have a positive attitude. Ride Leaders and Sweeps will not stop long for flats or mechanical issues because of group safety.

Cue Sheets: Please, print a cue sheet if you need one. The final route and cue sheet will be available the Wednesday before each ride, but please check back on Saturday for last-minute changes. Such changes will appear in the Comments section at the bottom of this page. Rest stops will be planned as noted on the route cue sheet or ride notes. 

Equipment: A good tail light is recommended. Long fenders are recommended for wet conditions for the safety of all riders. If you don't have fenders, you will be asked to ride at the back of your pace group. 

Regroup policy: This is a training series so we will ride with the best interest of the group in mind. We will regroup at the top of hills for a reasonable amount of time as well as at major turns. Stops will be brief. Riders may need to drop back to a slower pace group if they fall behind. If you are riding in the last pace group, the ride leaders will make sure you have a cue sheet and feel comfortable to finish the ride or will stay with you as need be. We want everyone to ride hard but to have fun and get back safely.

Cancellation Policy: Hard steady rain/ice/snow or otherwise unsafe riding conditions will cancel. In the event that conditions are as described for cancellation, ride leaders may not come to the ride start. Ride cancellation will be posted in the Comments section below at least two hours prior to the ride start. Series Director (Mike Upsall) will be available by phone should you have questions. 


Submitted by Doug Oda on

We haven't had a CHEW ride since the end of January when the start time was 10:00 and the start time is now 9:30 am. Likely there will be someone who will be pulling into the parking lot at 9:30 thinking they are there in time to get ready and hear the safety talk only to see the group riding out of the parking lot. Speaking from experience . . .

Submitted by Doug Oda on

With the good weather it makes biking more enjoyable, but it also may make it more difficult for our food stop. The plan is to stop at Echo Falls Golf Course, but in a phone call with the manager today he said they are having a lot of golfers and the restaurant is expected to be busy. Last year it was not too busy and it still took quite a while to get food and drinks. An option may be to stop at the gas station 3 miles down the road for a quick snack and restroom before going through Paradise Valley. You may want to supplement what you buy at the mini-mart. 

When we have sub zero temperatures it seems safer and smarter to start later not earlier. Ever heard of ice?