Continental Gatorskin Hardshells 700x32 for sale (used) $20/pair

I am trying out some new tires before deciding whether or not to go tubeless.  I have taken off of my commuter bike, a set of Continental Gator Hardshells that the LBS tech said still have at least half life remaining.  $20 for the pair.  These tires are very very durable, and rather firm. I periodically take them off to tweezer-out the foreign objects that I can spot in the tread. So far, they have turned out to be bullet-proof, compared to my previous bontrager tires(original). They do have some visible cuts and scrapes which are to be expected from 14-18 months of use. I'm happy to meetup somewhere to hand them off if we can make it convenient for both of us. These tires are also foldable and are not tubeless-compatible in case you are curious. The tires also have a very smooth surface with only a small amount of pattern.  I wouldn't even call it a tread pattern.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers,  Andy