Round-the-World Cycling Presentation & Book Signing

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Island Books
Sun. Feb 24, 2019 4:00pm

Join us at Island Books in Mercer Island on February 24th at 4pm

Doug Walsh discusses the multi-year bicycle tour that inspired his debut novel, Tailwinds Past Florence. He and his wife left Seattle in 2014, headed east across North America and made it all the way to Singapore without any air travel. Filled with gorgeous photography, fun anecdotes, and plenty of how-to advice, Walsh's presentation is just what is needed to stoke the wanderlust in the dead of winter.

Tailwinds Past Florence released January 22nd. This bike-touring novel combines a modern love story with a time travel twist, inspired by the two years he spent cycling the world with his wife. Attend the presentation to see the inspiration behind several of the scenes in the book, learn why he chose not to write a travel memoir and get plenty of ideas for your next bicycle adventure.

Doug Walsh Book Signing

Doug Walsh