Route from Bainbridge to Port Angeles?


Hi, everyone! This weekend I'll be embarking on a trip from Seattle/Bainbridge up to Port Angeles.  I've never biked in this area before and was wondering whether anyone had experience with good routes to use.  It seems that once I get up to Blyn I'm good because I can start using chunks of Olympic Discovery Trail.  But my concern is the part before Blyn.  Any thoughts?

This forum doesn't seem to be very active; so, for future riders wanting to do a similar route I'm going to answer my own question.

The route I took was adapted from suggestions made by Google maps and several folks I talk to in person.  It is biased towards less heavily traveled roadways, and away from long distances on highways.  I started in Bainbridge and headed up across the Agate Pass Bridge.  There is very little shoulder on this bridge so I took the lane and people seemed gracious.  From there my route took me up to Port Gamble, following quieter roads.  I then crossed the Hood Canal Bridge using a wide but debris-strewn shoulder, immediately turning right towards Port Ludlow.  At the south end of Port Ludlow I used some very beautiful essentially unused roads to be to Eaglemount Rd, which dumps into Highway 20.  Unfortunately, from here I was on busier roads; 20 was high speed with inadequate shoulders, 101 is (of course) high speed with adequate shoulders.  In order to avoid riding along 101 I jumped off on Old Gardiner Rd whenever possible, which hopscotches along parallel to 101.  As I rode closer to Blyn I used the Old Blyn Hwy and arrived unscathed in Blyn, where I connected up with the Olympic Discovery Trail.

That's my route.  If this post gets any traffic, I'd welcome other suggestions.