Bike path cutting across lane at 11th and Union on Capitol Hill


I was biking East on Union around 11th Ave, where the cars can only turn right onto 11th, and the bike lane continues one more block to the east. The car just in front of me didn't even look, and turned right in front of me.... it was a fair assumption on their part that I would turn right, but I'm not sure they even knew I was there.

In any case, I don't actually know what the right-of-way situation is for a lane like this. I think the bike lane has dashed lines across the car lane... so does that mean I should yield? I assume so. I did, obviously, because I didn't want to get squished. so often happens, the driver didn't seem aware of me at all.

Now that I'm thinking of it.... this dashed-line bike lane segment should maybe be filled with green? They seem to do this when drivers need to be especially watchful for bikes. I've wondered if bike lanes should always be solid green everywhere.

Sorry for the rambling post!

I have recently traversed this intersection myself.  One thing for sure is that the lane markings and signage for that intersection are clearly not in a finished state. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if a block of the pavement gets that green paint that you're referring to. As for right-of-way, I'm no expert on this, but my thoughts would be that it would be no different than if the car was making a discretionary right-turn at a standard 4-way intersection. #1, I would expect that bicycle traffic flowing straight through would indeed have the 'legal' right-of-way, while common sense would lead me to be very cautious and be prepared to yield, just as I am at any point that a car may be turning right, where our paths cross.