520 expansion joints --- huge safety issue


I've been searching the entire site but haven't been able to find any discussion about what Cascade is doing about the incredible safety hazards presented by the expansion joint covers on the new 520 bike trail. I am a bike commuter who uses the bridge every day and I am just furious every day when I'm having to slam across them at risk of losing control of my bike. I'm assuming that Cascade is working with WSDOT to remedy the situation. Can anyone provide any information on that?



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your post.  I've ridden the bike trail, and I can certainly empathize with your vexation regarding the joint covers.   Unfortunately, currently we are not working to remedy the issue.  We had some discussion with WSDOT RE the covers, and they just meet accessibility specifications. Following this, due to limited policy/advocacy resources (and a number of vacancies) we are unable to work on and prioritize this issue.

We'd love to help support you, in your efforts to improve the trail for all.  Perhaps our advocacy training in the future might be a way to help direct and reinforce your efforts.