Where to live in greater Seattle area for retired recreational bicyclist?


My wife and I are planning to retire to the greater Seattle area. I am an avid recreational bicyclist. I know that Seattle is a good place to ride from my previous visits. However, I am not sure where would a very good location be for a retired bicyclists. I don't need to be close to places of work. I would like to be close to easy access to the trails and in the parts of town that the Cascade bike club holds rides. I prefer to ride to rides vs. having to haul my bicycle in a car.

Obviously, there are different opinions on where the best place to live to ride would be. So feel free to share yours.


Same question from me. My wife and I are moving to the Seattle area this summer. Where to many rides (16-18 mph for me) start? Sammamish area looks promising.

Welcome to Seattle!   We just returned after several years living overseas and because one of our kids is enrolled at the UW and the other is in a school we like in N. Seattle we decided we wanted to prioritize a place near the Burke Gilman trail.  We have not been disappointed! In the last two weeks we have taken several nice rides -- out to Marymoor park and back, to Fremont a couple of times, and bike shopping a couple of times (looking for proper touring bikes...)  Today the highlight was taking the Interurban to Burke Gilman Connector home after a trip up to Lynnwood-- 3-4 mile steep, winding  downhill ride with no stops! 

Cascade offices are at Magnusen Park, so easy to bike to events, etc.