Bicycling the Rhine in Germany - looking for a partner or two


June 1 - June 11: Frankfurt to Essen on the Rhine

I thought I'd try posting here as an option. I've been on several Cascade rides and enjoy the camraderie, and thought I'd see if there is anyone interested in joining me on part of my bicycle tour in Germany this June.

I've had two friends commit, then fall through and at this point am almost resigned to going alone. I've done long-distance bicyle touring AND I've been to Germany, but I also enjoy traveling with others. So if you are interested, let's meet over a beer! (Feierabend anyone?).

I'm planning on doing a pretty moderate to low amount of distance each day (30-40 miles) and a couple two-day layovers (such as Koln/Cologne). Not interested in hard riding, more about touring and sightseeing. The Mainz/Rhine Rivers are flat, beautiful, full of wineries, castles and the like.

Some info on the route:

Airline prices are still about $900 round trip from SeaTac and you can rent a bike over there for about $100 euros a week ($123). Or bring your own bike - Icelandair is about $130 one way for a bike.

Anyhow, I thought I'd throw this out there... if you can't go, but know someone who may be interested (or perhaps someone who is doing the same trip but from another part of the country)... let me know!