Emerald City Ride


I want to know if trikes are acceptable to ride in the Emerald City Ride and in Cascade Rides in general. My wife has a Catrike recumbent style trike that she would like to use. Also, what are the policies on bike trailers or toddler seat on a bike? Can I ride my bike with a mounted toddler seat or a trailer with a toddler seat (assuming my toddler has a registration as well)?


Hi Arthur,


We don't have hard and fast rules about what bikes are allowed on our rides.  Especially on the Emerald ride, you will join a variety of pedal (and hand) powered bikes.  We welcome you to use whatever "bike" transportation you wish, and encourage everyone to be courtious and share the ride!




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Arthur -- Saw many toddlers and kids on trailers and trail-a-bikes on last year's Emerald City ride.   This is a great local recreation ride with photo opportunities from unique views normally not avaialble to us,  so bring the kids!