Getting Ready to Ride - South End #8

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Date and Time: 
Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 10:00am
Start Location: 
Contact Information: 
Jackie Klakken
36.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
862 feet
Weather Cancels?: 
Ride Description: 

Are you new to bicycling, been off your bike for awhile, feeling trapped inside or tired of looking at the same four walls during exercise? Is 2018 your year to get active, begin commuting, take part in the Free Group Rides, tackle your first century (100 mile ride), the STP, or another personal challenge? Are you a bit unsure about your biking capabilities, riding in groups, or cycling during winter? If so, then the Getting Ready to Ride Series (GR2R) is for you. GR2R South is an early season, eight-week progressive series focusing on the South County area that begins with a 15 mile mostly flat first ride and then adds a bit of elevation gain, distance or technical difficulty each week.

GR2R will help you to:

***Increase endurance and confidence.

***Build hill-climbing skills.

***Make new friends in the cycling community.

***Gain confidence riding safely with groups.

***Get ready for the Cascade Training Series (CTS), beginning in April.

GR2R rides are free and open to any rider. You will ride with others who share your pace level and your enthusiasm for riding. All rides will be led by Cascade Ride Leaders, experienced volunteers who enjoy riding, are knowledgeable about bike safety and the rules of the road. In addition to becoming familiar with bicycling and gaining fitness, you will learn group riding skills, while exploring different local trails, quiet roads, and popular biking destinations. These are social, stay-together rides with waits at the top of hills, at all critical turns and photo-op stops. Please check back at this ride posting within a day or two of the ride for updated route information.

Steady rain, ice/snow or unsafe conditions will cancel a ride. If a ride is cancelled, it will be posted in the comments section on the calendar and on the Meetup announcement two hours before the ride start time. In that instance, ride leaders will not be waiting at the start. Pre-registering online: If you have a Cascade account (free, just sign up), you can pre-register for this ride online by clicking on the Register button at the top of this page and checking the waiver acceptance box. Pre-registering saves time at the beginning of the ride and provides us with more legible emergency contact information. If you cannot make the ride, you do not need to un-register.

No restrooms at start. We will be starting at James St P&R in Kent WA. There are porta potties along the trail, and at some destinations, so please plan accordingly.

All riders should come equipped to deal with their own mechanical issues, flats and bring enough snacks and water. Waiting for mechanical issues will be at the discretion of the ride leader. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early (at 10:30am) to get yourself ready, listen to the safety briefing and sign or check the safety waiver. 11:00AM. is roll-out time!

After our ride, there is an optional get-together at Beer Bistro( located at ​320 W Harrison St, Kent WA​. This is an opportunity to refuel, talk cycling, and just socialize.

Cycling outside is invigorating, motivating and the sights are wonderful, especially when you are with a group of like minded people!! Come on, get your bike ready, get dressed, step outside, lets ride together!!


another great biking season getting ready for STP, Thank you Jackie,it will be good to catch up with you!

Colette, I look for to seeing you anytime you can make it! Love seeing you out here! 

Hi everyone, just a reminder we start our ride at 10am so please arrive by 930 for the smart talk and having your bike ready!! See you tomorrow!!



Tomorrow's after-ride stop is at Airways Brewing's The Bistro (320 W Harrison St, Kent).  Just a few blocks East of our start location, The Bistro features a menu of well-chosen (and well-executed) dishes, plus a great selection of beers.  Due to an Easter commitment, I won't be staying long, but come over and talk over the GR2R season, further cycling plans, and everything else!

Weather may become an issue, but if it looks too wet to ride, we'll try to get word out early.  See you in the morning!

We're making a route revision due to the possibility of wet weather.  We'll do about 30 miles instead, but the revised route gives us better roads, less tight spaces with traffic, and a dry mid-point respite at the Sumner Starbucks.

​Dress for the rain!

Someone in the steady group was asking about my mirror.  Here is a link to what I got for $20 and where I found it.

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