The Lack of Diversity in Cycling


Today was my first day volunteering for the Major Taylor Project.  I decided to ride from Ballard to Cleveland High School and got there late  As I rode, I thought about how segregated our society is by class and race.  I was entering a part of town that I usually simply do not have an occasion to visit.  Even when we may think of ourselves as broad-minded world citizens, our lives and our encounters tend to be filled with people like us.

The ride was longer than I anticipated, so I was late, and it was raining.  I had trouble finding the group.  Finally, I learned that no kids had shown up.  That got me to thinking about how cycling is perceived to be (and is) a predominantly white sport.  I sought to dig into this, and found this fascinating article in the Guardian from 2009 on how white cycling is.  (Security settings do not allow me to post the link).

A lot of us seek to change this.  A few years ago I saw a great article in the LA Times about a breakthrough on this front in LA. The article documented a tremendous growth in the number of Latinos cycling there.  I think all of us in the club need to dedicate ourselves to changing both the reality and the perception...such a chicken and egg sort of thing.  It also occurred to me that in the face of the assalt on DACA immigrant kids and the children of immigrants have a lot else on their minds.

Janet E. Ploss, MD



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"Even when we may think of ourselves as broad-minded world citizens, our lives and our encounters tend to be filled with people like us."  You mean...  "Even though I may think that I'm a broad-minded world citizen, my life and my encounters tend to be filled with people like me."

Maybe the kids just stayed home because it was raining??    :)

  I know emotional based lack of logic runs deep & thick around the Feeattle area as we pamper illegals, get taxed to death so we can pay for their kids to attend our schools for free, give them welfare, give them housing as our own citizens live on the streets because illegals will work for less, give non citizens subsidized housing, free medical care, and free this & that for people who are in our area illegally but pleeeeease no one is stopping anyone no matter who they are from joining in with us.  Ever gone snow skiing?  What sports and activities non whites choose to get involved in has nothing to do with anyone but themselves.  News Flash:  You are not a victim of anyone except those who try to convince you that you are a victim.   Assault on DACA immigrant kids you say?  Nonsense, they are the victims of their own parents who knowingly broke the law and brought them here in the first place, NO ONE ELSE is responsible for DACA kids (most in their 30's)  situations than their own irresponsible law breaking parents, and our immigration laws are clear and apply to everyone equally.  You do not get to ignore the law and get rewarded for it, sorry your parents scewed you so badly.  Giving the illegals kids citizenship rewards the law breaking parents.  Another News Flash:  Law breaking is not supposed to result in benefits.  DACA kids are citizens of other countries and need to go to their own countries.  America did not do this to them their illegal parents did and they need to be located and jailed then deported.

Well, we definately have diversity of opinion within cycling community and Cascade Bicycle Club as well as this forum.

I am glad for this and the fact that we can share our ideas opening and hopefully without offending each other.

I am a big fan of legal immigration.