Trying to fix a utility cut in local road


Who is responsible for fixing new construction utility cuts in Seattle roads ?  A new condo went in halfway down Queen Anne Hill on W Olympic Place, and they had to dig two trenches across W. Olympic for utilities.  The construction just ended and the two trenches, which were poorly paved, are now eroding and the asphalt they put down is bulging.  There's a 1 - 2 inch drop on both of these trenches now and it's going to get worse.  This road is on a downhill section of a major commuting route for cyclists in the Queen Anne area. I filled in the form for the pothole folks and they got back to me saying it wasn't a pothole.  On Aug 6th I filled out the form for the Dept of Construction  and have had no response.  I emailed the mayor with no response.   Does anyone have any ideas?



you will want to contact SDOT about anything in the street, not dept of construction. I would contact the inspector for the area they would be able to give you info about the project, hopefully the asphalt is just a temporary patch, is the street concrete?