Route help from Bryn Mawr/Skyway to downtown Seattle

Thought I posted this and just forgot to come back and check for replies, but don't see it anywhere!  Ah well.

Used to bike commute quite a bit, then moved and haven't done it for 3 years.  Just not clear on a good route.  I am in Bryn Mawr/North Renton/Skyway/West Hill or whatever you want to call it.  I work across the street from REI.  Thought about trying to get to Airport Way.  Not sure how awesome it would be to ride on Airport directly, but there seems to be a good road that runs parallel on the airport grounds.  I just don't know how to get there.  Everything seems sketchy.  An alternative would be to ride down 84ths to Rainier and just take that, along Lake Washington which would be better, but way, way, way more hills.

Anyone have any advice on Airport and how I might get there from my place?  Renton Ave?  MLK/900?  Then cross over I-5 and take the ramp with all the cars? 




If it were my commute, I'd go Renton/Carkeek/Beacon/15th/12th/Olive/Denny. But that's because I'm not a big fan of Airport Way. Some folks like Airport, but I've never felt comfortable riding it. Give both a try and see what you think.