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sometime ago the president of everything cycling, leo stone, commented on what's wrong with bike lanes; that being a loss of fear or concern for safety by the rider.  sometime later questions came up regarding 'bike boxes" at intersections.  as is well known portland has become the west coast instigator of this object in the road.  the question became would this too create a sense of security that was misplaced.  well according to tuesday's portland tribune the answer has been found and leo would not be surprised.  in portland car-cycle mishaps have doubled in portland since the bike box was instituted.  as i'm sure leo would say the only security on the road is the rider's attention to what is happening on the road.    thanks big guy!

Jim...   Leo has always made good points and worthy of consideration.  I looked for that story but couldn't find it.  If you have the link, can you post it here please?

The thing that I have always thought/assumed, is that when more people ride their bikes to work/school, it's going to create more accidents.  Is it the box..  or is it more people than ever are on bikes?

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ok ok i made a mistake. just so you know it is my first this year.  it was thursday the 21st not tuesday.  well at least they both start with "t".  "city aims to calm traffic on busy bike corridor".  paragraph above "quiet back streets beckon"   it refers to bureau of transportation study.  as you will see from article they said it was not due to increased bike use.

You read the story and it implies there really is a fork in the road.  Remove the bike boxes/lanes and it will seem even less safe and the less hardcore riders will ride less.  Or, build up dedicated barriers so that the less hardcore riders, will ride more.

One thing I am confident in saying is...   without dedicate bike lanes/routes/carve outs, the amount of people who commute to work/school on bikes will not be as robust as if those things did exist.  Most people who would consider riding a bike to work are not as comfortable riding a bike in traffic like Leo.  We all know it can be intimidating.