RSVP Route Revisions in Canada?

I just reviewed the RWGPS link sent by CBC yesterday and noticed there are a couple of revisions to the route in BC (at least compared to the last several years).

The first change comes after crossing the Golden Ears Bridge and getting onto Airport Way in Pitt Meadows.  Instead of making the righthand turn onto Harris Rd. at around the 53-mile mark, we are to continue straight on Airport Way before turning right onto Byrnes Rd.  From there we essentially circumnavigate Pitt Meadows Airport before looping back towards Lougheed Hwy (CDN 7) and across the Pitt River Bridge.  In years past, we made the right onto Harris and then an eventual left onto Dewdney Trunk Rd. to get on the Pitt River Bridge.  This was a fairly simply approach and I was wondering if road construction is the cause for this change?

The second change comes just before the 82-mile mark, in Chinatown.  In years past, we made a right onto Gore Ave. and made our way through downtown Vancouver via Gastown.  This year, it appears we're taking the trail adjacent to False Creek on our way to English Bay and the finish line at the Coast Hotel.  I've never gone this way, but assume we'll be avoiding the traffic and pedestrians we typically see along the original route?