Michigander visiting - need bike information


 Good day Seattle.  Tim from Michigan here.  I am coming for a visit (staying downtown) next week and would like information on:

 - good place to rent a bike either downtown or on Bainbridge Island

 - recommended rides (pavement), including Bainbridge Island

 - I consider myself an intermediate rider so the many hills in your area won't deter me if you recommend a route that has them; granted the scenery is worth it

Thanks and looking forward to the visit.




Tim...  there are probably several places but Montlake bike shop is close to downtown and they rent road bikes.  If you are planning on taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island, you should do the Chilly Hilly route (32 miles around the island).  The map is somewhere here on the cascade website.

You might also check out the "free daily rides" listing here on the cascade site as well.  Several rides of varying degrees that you just go and meet others.  Some of them are just workout rides so they are around the city/county and perhaps not as picturesque as doing the chilly hilly route but some are.  And you hook up with a lot of cool people.