RSVP Bellingham Lodging Wanted

I am looking for inexpensive lodging in Bellingham for the night of Friday, August 15.  If you are giving up a reservation or have space in your room, I would like to hear from you.  Thanks!


Submitted by Bill Hanna on

Hi Tom,

i have a room available at the WWU dorms on Friday, August 15th. It's a double room that you would have to yourself. The cost is $88. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.


Submitted by Eric Brusse on

Hi Bill,

If the room is still available (and easily transferable to my name), I'd be interested if Tom doesn't take it.


Eric Brusse

I procrastinated on finding lodging in Bellingham. I see your looking for lodging as well. If you find something or want to split a room at one of the more expensive places please let me know.