Seeking century riders for the fall

Hello, my name is Mike Upsall and I've recenlty relocated to Snohomish County from Louisville, Ky.

I'm wondering if there is a group of riders associated with Cascade Bicycle Club who do centuries on a somewhat regular basis. The Louisville Bicycle Club had an annual series of 20 centuries named Tour de Mad Dogs because we rode in all weather -- barring lightning, ice and tornadoes. It was a competition in a hokey and bizarre way, but was largely social and highly supportive of new riders. In addition, there would often be other centuries captained by people who had the time, route knowledge and the inclincation to spend eight hours away from home. I've ridden centuries with groups of 35 and others with 3 people.

I realize Louisville has much easier access to rural expanses outside of the metro area than Seattle does, but I'm hoping to find a group of people who enjoy distance riding -- with one caveat: With our move west, I've been largely off my bikes for a couple of months and need to get my legs back before I can tackle 100 miles again.