Replacement spokes (length)


I'm having a bear of a time figuring out what length spokes to buy.
I want to purchase DT Swiss replacements.

My bike:  Cannondale Quick CX 5

The spec page doesn't list the spoke length.

I contacted Cannondale and they said:

 this is not a spec that we have information on since it can vary and most wheels have more than one spoke size per wheel.  

Can you really have more than one spoke size on the same wheel?   How many sizes can you have?!

I contacted DT Swiss and they said:

That is not a DT Swiss wheel so we would not know what the spoke specifications are.

I also tried using their calculator, but my hub model wasn't listed.


Submitted by John Bailo on

The head tech at DT Swiss just sent me this update:

Bicycle spokes range in lengths from 150mm to 310mm in 1mm increments. Plus there are over a dozen diameters/cross sections. It is normal for a rear wheel to have two spoke lengths - left and right. Front non disc brake wheels will usually have just on length.

Thanks, but Aye Caramba!   Now I have no idea what size to buy...or do I just buy a spoke after it breaks?



Submitted by John Bailo on

Bought a Spoke Ruler from Amazon and also went back to the place I had my wheels re-spoked.

292/293mm are the sizes that are installed.

Not sure how you determine what the optimal length is...