Children's road bikes

Are they out there? I'm looking for some for my kids, junior high/grade school sizes.

Submitted by Will W Chin on

I'm assuming you are looking for lighter frames with drop bars.  Otherwise you can do what we did in changing out higher end 24" kids bikes to non-knobbies.  The kids prefered the flat bars at that age anyway.  It was perfect for Chilly Hilly, Burke Gilman, etc..

I was looking to do something similar with used 26" wheel solid blade fork bikes, but then noticed there were a few small women's road frames that would work with stem adjustments.  We found used 650c wheel bikes over the last year, and my 6th and 8th grade kids trained and rode STP on them (part way anyway).

I found a Motobecane Mirage Sport 650c on Craiglist which likely came from this online site:  We did have to shorten the stem.

I then lucked out further by finding a 43cm Trek womens triathlon bike at a used gear store.  Fits my 4'11" daughter great with shorter stem as well.

So yes, they are out there.  I see 42-44cm road bikes on Craiglist that might just need a bit of stem tweaking to work.  REI used to carry the 26" wheel Novara Pulse to serve the smaller rider.  You might check to see if they have anything similar still.