Chip Seal roads

The road to Sunrise was chip-sealed (tar and crushed rock) a few years ago and is now almost unrideable.  My hands went numb descending recently.  Hwy 410 has just been chip-sealed.  It is famous for inclusion in RAMROD and is also a beautiful climb to Chinook Pass.  Not anymore.  Is there nothing Cascade Bicycle Club can do to get policy at the state level enacted to ban chip seal on these roads that are part of our cycling world?  Please.

Agreed!  I've often wondered if studies have been conducted to measure degradation of MPG of automobiles and commercial trucks running over long stretches of chip-sealed road, versus over smoother asphalt/concrete.   (maybe stats from the buttery European autobahn?)  The efficiency / drag on larger auto tires is obviously less affected than cycles and other small-wheeled vehicles, but I'd still predict a potentially significant cumulative loss in MPG - not to mention cost of chipped windshields and paint jobs repairs from loose rocks during the "curing" process.  That might make the argument more compelling to reduce reliance on chip-seal.  I realize the counter argument that chipseal "preserves" roads cheaply is difficult to debate, from a short-term financial point of view.