Seeking bike employment

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I'm a former aerospace and mechanical engineer seeking work in a bicycle related field.  I'm currently working at an entry level job that doesn't look to have any prospects for advancement.  Ideally I'd like to work in bike/component design and development or other sustainable transportation areas.  If you have or know of anyone with such openings please email me privately at [email protected]

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Nick...   I would recommend going to the Interbike website and looking at their Tradeshow Exhibitor list.  It's got everyone that is big (or small) enough to want to show their stuff at the annual Vegas trade show.  You probably won't be able to get into the Vegas show (nor do you want to because you would annoy the wrong people when they need to be selling) but it will give you the lead list of who to contact.

In the pacific northwest, there are a few companies (FSA cranks comes to mind and the rack company... name escapes me) however fresh design of components greatly limits your prospects.  Shimano does all that in Japan and SRAM is in Chicago (I think they are still there).

The extent of "design" work done at bike companies is CAD work on modifying their frame designs before they order it from Asia.  They aren't doing must with components.

If you are willing to move, Specialized is always hiring down in Morgan Hill, CA.  It's off the beaten path and the company is notorious for grinding thru employees but you can gain some valuable industry experience in a wide variety of product categories.  You won't make what you did in your previous industry work.

The bike business can be cool, but if you have financial commitments or have to stay in the PNW, it's a tough migration to make.  I worked in that world for 10+ years.

Good luck..