Rans Fusion Recumbent for sale

Basics: It's yellow, the smaller of the two frame sizes (I'm pretty sure there were just two when I bought it), nearly new.

Purchased for riding after a surgery, but then I returned to my normal frames, despite the comfort of the recumebent, go figure.  Been sitting for several years now, maybe 3-400mi on it total, ready to pedal (except pedals, but I can maybe find something if that's a deal-breaker).

It's a kick to ride, not quite the ultra-performance machines of some of the recumbents, but an easy rider with a comfortable position, fast enough, and without the learning-curve of some (I've ridden other recumbents as well). 

It's got a basic rack on it as well, which will go with the frame, given the style I'd probably not use it elsewhere.

Make me an offer, I'm local, eastside, I'd like to free up the space, plus see it getting ridden rather than gathering dust...


Submitted by Max Mills on

Hello my name is Max and I am interested in the bike you have for sale. My number is (541)279-1311, please give me a call so we can talk.