Newbie Q: What's the basis of the ride time intervals?


Maybe this is a dumb question but, when I see different rides categorized by speed, do those times include the time spent, for example, sitting at a stop light or just pedal time?



The ride classification is based on speed on level ground (not including stops at lights or breaks).  Downhills may be faster, uphills slower. The ride classification is NOT the anticipated overall average mph. That number tends to be less than the average pace because of the intermittent stops at lights and for breaks and regroups. 

Submitted by Jeffrey Job on

Jeff is spot on...   I tend to look at two things.  The speed (pace) and how hilly the ride is.  If you aren't a good climber (hills wear you out quickly) then will you be able to keep the pace on the flats and non-steep hills listed for the duration of the ride?