STP: Need at room at Centralia College midpoint?


We are looking for roommates to bunk at the Centralia College midpoint on the STP ride.  We booked a 12-person room for ourselves and several friends but over the last month many people have dropped out of the ride and we are down to 4 people sharing a 12-person room.  Do you still need somewhere to sleep after the first 100-mile stretch of the STP 2014 ride?  Respond to this forum to let us know!

Thanks, Jenzie

Hi Jenzie. I may be interested...I'm still trying to decide if I want to do two-day (for the fourth time) or 1-day (for the first time). Are the spaces still available?


Hi Jeff!

We still have several spaces available at the midpoint.  You're welcome to join!  It's in one of the classrooms at the college, so easy access to food and beer.  We're in the "quiet area" for sleeping, which will be nice.  Please let me know if you are still interested!

Thanks, Jenzie

Submitted by Jeff Hickey on

Hi Jenzie. Yes, I am still interested. Please call me directly 425-530-0142 and lets work out all the details. Thanks.


I have done it in one day twice but am riding with 2 other gents and doing it in two days. Whats the scoop?  Bring a sleeping bag and pad?  I like the idea of not having to set up a tent after riding a century.  Also the quiet idea is nice.  What's the cost?  Let me know.

You and your 2 friends are welcome to join us.  The school opens a room for 12 of us.  Just bring a sleeping pad or airmattress and a sleeping bag.  They said they can rent us towels for the shower, if you don't want to bring your own.  It's in the "quiet zone" so sleeping should be alright.  Call me at 541-619-6262 for more information.  Thanks, Jenzie