Looking for a pace group for the STP 1-day

Isn't it always better to ride in a group to help keep everyone motivated and on target? Two of my friends bailed and I'm left to find my own team. I ride at a fairly moderate-to-aggressive pace, and intend to complete the STP in 1-day. We can also do several training sessions prior just to get our timing down and make sure we're a good fit. Just let me know. Thanks!!

Submitted by Jim Werner on

it would be if it were a race.  by riding alone and just depending on the adrenein of the event shows what you are made of.  if you have to depend on drafting well i guess you aren't as fit as you you'd like to be.

Jim...   I would think some/many might find pushing yourself in a pack at a higher speed more enjoyable and more productive.  Every pace line I have been in, I work harder than I would riding alone and I go faster than if I rode alone.

Greg Lemond said recently...  "the better shape you are doesn't make the suffering any less.. you just go faster."

What part of town are you in?  I live in the north end, Shoreline and my three guys just bailed on me too.  Drop me a line and we can talk about it.  I did the one day last year and averaged 15.4mph.  ghinri823@msn.com



I've had several folks bail, due to illness, injury, etc.  I'm looking for a group that can maintain a high brisk/low strenuous pace for the 1-day ride.  I live in Seattle.  You can reply via the forum or email me direct at gwilliams54@hotmail.com.