Water Cages

I thought I had already posted about this. But I don't see it up on the Forums. So here we go again.


I'm interested in "Side Load" cages. I like the idea of just pulling the bottle out. And not having to pull up,then out. I like the Lezyne Flow Cage SL. I bought a "Right Side. But,is it the right one to get?


Whats the general rule of thumb about them? I'm right handed,so I bought a right side cage.


Is it better to have a left side cage when one is right handed? To keep the right hand on the bar. Or, pull the bottle out of a right hand cage with my right hand?


Any help or tips are appreciated. My bike is 48cm.


The alloy cages are so plyable that you ARE sort of pulling them out to the side.  A regular $7.99 bottle cage found in most all bike shops doesn't have anything on the either side securing the bottle inside.  If you grabbed the top of the bottle and pulled to your right, it would wedge out.

Now, if space is an issue, and it could be on a 48cm frame, you might consider buying a triathlon bracket that fits on the back of the seat.  You mount the cages there and your bottles sit beyind you.