Bottle Cage: Side Loaders


I'm interested in some "Side Entry" cages.I like the idea of just pulling the bottle out. Instead of up & out. And the same,but in reverse when putting the bottle back in.


So,is there a rule of thumb with these? I'm right handed. Do I get a "Right Side" exiting cage,grabbing with my R.Hand? With my L.Hand on the handlebar?


Or,get a "Left Side" cage,grabbing with my L.Hand? With my R.Hand on the handlebars?

The Lezyne Flow Cage SL interest me. It's made out of Plastic. I tried it at the store. Inserting and pulling out a 25oz Camelbak bottle. It felt just right. Not hard to pull/push in/out.


Plus,my frame is 48cm. So side loading is important.