- security certificate expired

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 10:35am -- Unknown

Not sure who at Cascade is the contact for crash/hazard reporting site these days, but the site's security certificate has expired.  Not sure what % of new users would continue to log in after seeing that.

It does seem like with the rapid growth of cycling participation in Seattle, Cascade should be giving more publicity to  Especially with smartphones and GPS, it's a great way to report hazards and crashes so that the city takes note.

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Looks like the problems are larger than just letting the security certificate expire... Just tried posting a hazard report on the I-90 Trail and the site says they aren't yet able to handle that sort of report.  Does the site need some maintenance?  SDOT changed its email address or something?

Hi there,

We are no longer the owners of will be the new owners and we're confident Bikewise will be a great resource.

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If Cascade no longer owns/runs, perhaps you could encourage the new owners to update the site a bit?

So far, it's still prominently branded as "A service of Cascade Bicycle Club," goes into detail about Cascade's involvement, and still gives M. J. Kelly as the support contact.