Seattle to Everett Route

Hi, does anyone know of,or have a route to Everett? I ride to Tacoma semi regularly. And would like to go the other way too. If anyone knows of any roures,please let me know. Links to sites too.

Thanks in advance :)

This route connects the BG in Bothell with the Interurban in Lynnwood:

I just rode it this morning, so it still works.


I found the interurban hard to follow the first few times I did it. One helpful hint is that, when it takes an odd jog (which it often does), there are signs.These signs are sometimes behind trees, bushes, or parked cars. On these signs are thin brown arrows that point the right way to go. I didn't notice the arrows until after I figured the maze out.


I have used Google Maps, click on the bike icon and it will give you the best bike route.  I have tested this manytimes and it either gives me the ride I know (so it is accurate) or it gives me a better one.  And it is extremely accurate on the details, and has very small bike only connectors between parking lots and trail, that I am amazed they actually found.  The only issue is that it does not know the difference between soft surfaced and paved bike trails.  Probably not a problem in urban areas, but on the east side it puts you on the Pipeline trail, for example, when crafting an otherwise normal road bike ride.