Linden Avenue Protected Bike Lane

There are 2 problems with the new Linden Avenue Protected Bike Lane:

1. The senior housing apartment at 14002 has well over 100 apartments, but has no convenient reserved zone for passenger pickup outside its front door, leading to cars entering the "Protected Bike Lane", and blocking the entire thing in order to pick up an elderly passenger. There is a passenger pickup zone around the corner on 141st street, but this requires an additional walk of over 100 feet. Either a barrier must be added to make it impossible for pedestrians to enter cars at the front door, or the parking spaces in front of the door should be removed, and designated as a passenger load zone.


2. Much of the Protected Bike Lane is actually protected by a curb, but there are several sections where this curb is absent, and there is only a double painted line, which cars are not supposed to park on top of. But cars regularly do park on top of this line, such that their passenger doors open directly out into the bike lane, rendering it no longer protected. There is an easy, inexpensive solutino that is shown on the city's own web site: Plastic pylons need to be added to the outer edge of the no parking zone so that cars know they are not supposed to park past that line. If you go to the following link, you will see what the City shows ought to be added.

Here is a photo showing cars off in the distance encroaching on the bike lane