Does anyone know if there is going to be a chance on ebay for an entry for STP 2014?

Submitted by Jim Werner on

cascade has a well defined policy regarding the resale of ride tickets.  you might want to contact them directly on this matter.  as i recall they want the resale of tickets to go through the club and not through websites or individuals selling to one another. since the ride organizers use the bib number to coincide with a specific rider, should an emergency arise on the ride, they would not be able to identify correctly an injured rider.  this was discussed quite extensively a year or so ago at this site.

There are two official CBC auctions on eBay right now for STP tickets, and they may have more later. Go to eBay and search on "Seattle to Portland Ticket". Three days remaining.

These auctions are expensive, but my understanding is that any amount you pay above the standard registration fee is treated as a tax-deductible charitable contribution to Cascade.

A search of completed listings on eBay shows they've sold 18 of these, with prices ranging from a low of $224.50 (recent weeks) to a high of $760 (mid-March). Note that the prices do seem to have come down over time, but bids on the current two auctions are approaching $300 each.