Can I ride STP without a bib??


hey my names Anthony, I want to ride the STP this year but once again all the bibs are sold out and i was too late :(...  I want to show up and ride it anyways!!  Is this cool? 

Anthony, thanks for your question. The answer is no, it isn't cool. The course is full--we run at capacity. Adding more people to the mix makes it less pleasurable for everyone and it makes it more dangerous in the tight areas. In addition, all the work involved, the permits, policy and EMT support, support vehicles, food, port-a-potties, etc., are covered by the cost of the tickets--the people riding have paid for that and anyone riding without paying is taking advantage of all the bib-wearing riders paying for the event.

So please don't get into the ride unless you're a paying event rider. It's not cool. Ride next year--mark it on your calendar to check for the dates in January.


Cascade Bicycle Club